Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Judges ~~- chapter 16 of 21 (31 verses.)

Judges 16Wrench

Samson Sleeps With A Whore In Gaza
1 Adultery *[Time passes, ๐Ÿ˜‡.] Samson {SunRay} [jogs west] to Gaza {Strength}. He sees a whore. [Looking at her busty slut-body makes him โ€˜see red.โ€™ So] he runs into [her whorehouse. He โ€˜sleepsโ€™ with] her.
But that whore's not gettin' any sleep. She's bouncin' around like it's an earthquake.
2 Fighting/Strife/Conflict A [tattletale peeps in the whore's window. He runs. He tells] the [men of] Gaza, โ€œ[SunRay's] in town!โ€ So the [Philistines] surround the gates of the city. They trap SunRay inside. [Soldiers] lie silent all night long in ambush at the city gates, saying, โ€œIn the morning, in the daylight, we'll murder [that Jew monster]!โ€
3 Paranormal Phenomena SunRay lays [in the whore's bed, enjoying her forbidden fruits again and again. Finally,] at midnight, [the whore passes out in exhaustion]. Then Samson jumps up. He [runs out of the whorehouse to the] locked city gates. He grabs the [huge iron] gate-doors, posts, bars and all. He runs away with them. [The soldiers stand there, stunned, grabbing for their arrows.] Samson [throws] the iron [gates] onto his shoulders. He carries them up to the top of a hill facing Hebron {Society}. [Arrows whiz past SunRay's head. He looks down. He sees Palestinians chasing, shooting arrows at him. So he hurls the gates down the hill. The gates bowl over and smash the Philistine warriors to death. SunRay laughs in triumph!]
SunRay Falls In Lust With Delilah The Succubus
4 Lust *[Time passes, ๐Ÿ˜‡.] Later, in the valley of Sorek {Red-Vine}, Samson [falls in] lust with an [empty-hearted, smooth-lipped] woman named Delilah {Dry-Heart}.
The name โ€˜Delilahโ€™ comes from #1809 Dalal (compare #1802); to slacken, be feeble; be oppressed, bring low, dry up, be emptied, be unequal, fail, be impoverished, made thin.
5 Betrayal *So the Philistine [War] Lords suck up [to Delilah]. They [whisper] to her, โ€œEntice [SunRay] to show you [the source of] his great strength. [Find out] how we can get him under [our] control.โ€ [Delilah objects: how can you ask me to betray my one true love!?โ€ The warlords answer], โ€œWe [won't kill him]. We'll [just] bind him [with ropes], to humble him.โ€ [Delilah still refuses. The warlords sweeten the deal:] โ€œEach one of us will give you 1100 pieces of silver!โ€
Each warlord offers the succubus the price of a nice new car today. The total would buy a high-end luxury mansion. Would your lover betray you for that much money?
Delilah Fails 3x To Extract SunRay's Secret
6 Betrayal *So Delilah {Dry-Heart} sweet-talks Samson {SunRay}, โ€œTell me, please, [big boy,] where lies [the source of] your great strength? [Is it here, between your thighs?] How can [I] tie you up and [tickle] torture you, [my love]?โ€
7 Betrayal So SunRay [lies to Delilah], โ€œIf [my enemies] bind me with 7 green bow-strings never yet dried, then I'll be weak, just like any other man.โ€
8 Betrayal *So the Philistine war-lords bring 7 green undried bow-strings up to [Delilah]. She ties SunRay with them, [pretending to play a bondage game with him].
9 Betrayal *What SunRay doesn't know is, attack-warriors lie beneath the beds and in the closet in Delilah's bedroom. [Delilah] yells, โ€œThe Philistines are attacking you, SunRay!โ€ So [SunRay] breaks the bowstrings, like a wild-fire snaps threads of string! So [the secret of SunRay's] strength remains a mystery [to the succubus].
10 Betrayal *So Delilah {Dry-Heart} whines in SunRay's [ears]. [She licks him, smothering him with kisses and finger-play,] โ€œLook, [baby]. You keep mocking me. You [always] tell me lies. Now [please, sugar-lips,] I'm begging. Tell me how I can tie you up!โ€
11 Betrayal So [SunRay again lies] to [Delilah], โ€œIf [my enemies] tie me tight with new, never-used ropes, then I'll be weak, just like any other man.โ€
12 Paranormal Phenomena *So Delilah {Dry-Heart} grabs new ropes. She ties up [SunRay]. She yells to him, โ€œThe Philistines are attacking you, SunRay!โ€ Again, the attack-warriors hiding in the bedroom closets [drop their jaws,] seeing SunRay rip the ropes off his arms like threads.
13 Betrayal *So Delilah {Dry-Heart} says to Samson {SunRay}, โ€œAll [during] our relationship you've mocked me and told me lies. Tell me how [I] can tie you up.โ€ So [for the 3rd time, SunRay lies to Delilah], โ€œWeave the seven braids of my hair into the cloth on a loom. Then [I'll be weak].โ€
14 Betrayal *So Delilah [gets SunRay passed-out drunk, sleepy from love-play]. Then she fastens [her cloth in her loom] with a pin. She [weaves SunRay's hair into the cloth]! Then she yells to him, โ€œThe Philistines are attacking you, SunRay!โ€ He startles out of his sleep. He runs out of the door of the house, dragging the pin and the [giant] loom [smashing through the wall! The wall and the loom explode into bits, ๐Ÿ˜‡!]
Delilah Wears Samson Down & Steals His Secret
15 Betrayal [Delilah chases SunRay. She cries,] โ€œHow can you say, โ€˜I love you, [Di, Di]โ€™, when your heart is divorced from me? 3 [painful] times you've mocked me! You never tell me the source of your great strength!โ€
16 Betrayal Delilah keeps on pressing SunRay every day with her [forked-tongue] words. She begs him until his soul [feels] scraped to death.
17 Betrayal *So SunRay spills his whole heart to Delilah {Dry-Heart}. He says, โ€œNever once has a razor touched my head. I've been a Nazir {Holy-Man}, [dedicated] to Elohim [since I came] from my mother's womb. If I get shaved, my strength flees from me. I'll fall weak, like any other [son of] Adam.โ€
18 Betrayal *Delilah {Dry-Heart} sees that SunRay told her everything from his heart. So she sends [messengers] to call for the Philistine [War] Lords. [The messengers tell the warlords: โ€œDelilah] says, โ€œCome up here now! SunRay spilled his guts to me!โ€ So the Philistine Lords race [their war-horses] up [the mountain] to [Delilah]. They drag a [fortune] in silver in their [treasure chests].
Delilah Drugs SunRay, Shaves & Tortures Him
19 Betrayal *So [Delilah โ€˜loves onโ€™ Sunray to get him tired. Then she slinks out of bed. She turns her back. She drops narcotic powder into a cup of milk. She helps him drink it. So] he falls asleep on her knees [like a child]. Then she calls for a [sheep-shearer]. In he slinks. [He unwraps his razors and shaving-cream.] He shaves off the 7 locks of SunRay's head. Immediately YAH takes away SunRay's supernatural strength. Then Delilah starts torturing SunRay!
20 Betrayal Delilah screams, โ€œThe Philistines are attacking you, SunRay!โ€ So he wakes out of his sleep. [He] thinks, โ€œI'll escape like always. I'll shake myself [loose].โ€ But he's unaware that YHVH left him, ๐Ÿ˜‡.
21 Oppression *So the Philistines grab SunRay. They gouge out his eyes! They drag him downhill [southwest] to [coastal] Gaza {Strength}. They bind him with chains of brass. [In the prison, they force] him to grind [rocks into gravel].
22 Redemption *But the hair of SunRay's head starts growing back out of his shaved [head].
Pagans Parade Samson In Their Fish-God Temple
23 Pagan Sacrifices *One day, [in the prison courtyard, SunRay staggers, grinding rocks. He looks up. He hears] the Philistine war-lords amass together to offer a great sacrifice to their fish-god (Dagon). [The Philistines kill babies. They slaughter virgins. They murder poor children, dogs and pigs. They drink the victims' blood. They roll around in blood-covered orgies on the floor. Pope-hatted priests sprinkle blood like holy-water blessings on the fornicators. All the revelers] rejoice, shouting, โ€œOur fish-god delivered our enemy (SunRay) into our power-fist!โ€
24 Revenge *The pagans look down from their temple. They see [blind] SunRay [staggering in chains in the prison courtyard]. So they praise their [demon] deity. [They] cry, โ€œOur [fish] god dropped into our fists this enemy, the destroyer of our country! [SunRay] murdered thousands of our [people]!โ€
25 Oppression *High [on booze, occult-โ€˜loveโ€™, and aphrodisiac narcotics], the pagans scream, โ€œBring SunRay [into the temple], so we can [throw stuff at him. We'll give a prize to the first guy to knock him cold!] So the [prince] calls [the jailers]. The [jailers] drag Samson out of the prison house. [They bring him into the temple of the fish-god.] The soldiers set Samson among the [temple's] pillars. The [drunk men] make a sport-game [out of throwing rocks and goblets at Samson's head].
26 Oppression *[A naked temple-whore, her mouth dripping blood, hurls a goblet. It smacks Samson on the head. The impact draws blood. It cracks his skull.] So Samson groans to the slave who holds him by the hand, โ€œLead me to [where] I can feel the pillars that support this temple, so I can lean on them.โ€
27 Violence *[Samson squints his blind eyes. He hears the] temple full of [reveling pagan] men and women, including all the Philistine [War] Lords. [They hoop and holler, fornicating with temple prostitutes.] Roughly 3000 [nearly-naked] men and women stand on the roof watching the [laughing, shrieking] sadists below make blood-sport out of [abusing] Samson. [The roof-partiers join in the game. They throw their jewelry, forks, knives, plates, shoes at Samson.]
28 Revenge *So Samson {SunRay} calls to YHVH in prayer, โ€œAdonai YHVH, remember me please. Strengthen me, please, just this once, [my] Elohim, so I can finally get vengeance on the Philistines for [gouging out] my two eyes.โ€
SunRay Dies Destroying The Demon-God's Temple
29 Paranormal Phenomena *So Samson {SunRay} grips the two central foundational pillars that hold up the temple, one [pillar] with his right hand, and the other [pillar] with his left [hand].
30 Suicide *Then [SunRay lifts his head to heaven. He] prays, โ€œ[YHVH], let me die with the Philistines!โ€ He [strains, squats, groans. He] pushes his hands [on the pillars] with all his might. [The pillars crack! They dislodge from the foundation and the ceiling.] So the temple crashes down on the war-lords! It squashes all the pagans [as they flee from reveling in abusing SunRay. Finally, the temple roof crushes Delilah.] So, ๐Ÿ˜‡, on the [day] SunRay dies, he kills more people than he'd ever killed in his whole life!
31 Death Soon [SunRay's] brothers and all his Dad's family hike down [to Palestine]. [Crying, they dig SunRay's corpse out of the temple rubble.] They take his [body]. They carry him up [to Israel]. They bury him in the [tomb] of his father Manoah {Rest} (between the towns of Zorah {Wasp} and Eshtaol {Prayer}). So ends [SunRay's] 20 years of leading Israel.