Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- 1st Kings ~~- chapter 18 of 22 (46 verses.)

1st Kings 18:8Wrench


[EliJah] answers [ObadYah], “I am [EliJah].
Go, tell your master [Ahab], ‘Look!
EliJah {JAH-Is-El} is here.’”


Other English Bible translations of 1st Kings 18:8:

Complete Jewish Bible (Sacred Name Version)CJB-SNHe answered, "Yes, it is I; go, tell your master, ‘Eliyahu is here.’"
New International Version (Sacred Name)NIV-SR'Yes,' he replied. 'Go tell your master, 'Elijah is here.''
New International Readers Version (Sacred Name)NIRV-SN'Yes,' he replied. 'Go and tell your master Ahab, 'Elijah is here.' '
New Living Translation (Sacred Name Version)NLT-SN'Yes, it is,' Elijah replied. 'Now go and tell your master I am here.'
New Revised Standard (Sacred Name Edition)NRSV-SNHe answered him, "It is I. Go, tell your Adonai that Elijah is here."
The Message (Sacred Name Version)MSG-SN'Yes,' said Elijah, 'the real me. Now go and tell your boss, 'I've seen Elijah.''
Good News Translation (Sacred Name)GNT-SN"Yes, I'm Elijah," he answered. "Go and tell your master the king that I am here."
New American Standard (Sacred Name Bible)NASB-SNHe said to him, 'It is I. Go, say to your master, 'Behold, Elijah is here.''
King James Version (unedited)KJVAnd he answered him, I am: go, tell thy lord, Behold, Elijah is here.