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Genesis 1
1 YAH Sings The Universe Into Existence!
6 'Day' 2: Sky, clouds, waters
9 'Day' 3: Plants, Land, Seas
14 'Day' 4: Sun, Moon, Stars
20 'Day' 5: Fish & Birds
24 'Day' 6: Animals & Man
Genesis 2
1 'Day' 7: Rest
4 Details Of How YAH Created Adam (Dirt-Man)
8 Description Of The Garden Of Pleasure
15 YAH Puts Adam In The Pleasure Garden
17 YAH Forbids Adam From Knowing Evil
18 YAH Lets Adam Name The Animals
21 YAH Separates Adam, Creating ‘Wombed-Man’
Genesis 3
1 The Serpent Tricks The Wombed-Man
6 Eve & Adam 'Know' Evil
9 YHVH Busts Adam & Eve
12 Adam & Eve Play The Blame Game
14 YAH Curses The Serpent, Woman & Man
20 Adam & Eve Procreate The Human Race
22 YAH Kicks Mankind Out Of The Pleasure Garden
Genesis 4
1 Eve Births Ken & Able
3 Ken Brings A Cheap Gift To YAH's Sacred Feast
8 Ken (Cain) Murders Able
15 YAH Stamps A 5-Sided Star On Ken's Forehead
17 Ken Creates Worldly Civilization
19 Evil Lamech Institutes Polygamy
25 Adam & Eve Birth Seth To Replace 'Able'
Genesis 5
1 The First Genealogy of Mankind
Genesis 6
1 Women & Angels Spawn Mutant God-Monsters
5 YAH Decides To Wipe Humanity Off The Earth
13 YAH Tells Noah To Build The Ark-Ship
Genesis 7
1 Noah & Family Enter The Ark
11 Rain Floods The Land!
Genesis 8
1 The Flood Begins To Dissipate
15 Noah's Family Leaves The Ark
21 YAH Resolves To Never Annihilate Mankind
Genesis 9
1 Covenant Of The Rainbow
4 YAH Forbids Blood-Eating
8 YAH Promises Noah He'll Never Annihilate Man
18 Noah's Family Repopulates & Plants Earth
21 Noah Gets Naked & Drunk & Ham Watches
28 Noah dies at 950 Years Old
Genesis 10
1 Noah's Sons Birth Your Ancestors
8 Mighty Nimrod Rules Babylon
13 Noah's Sons Spread Their Seed Across Earth
24 Ever (The First Hebrew) Is Born
Genesis 11
1 Some Of Noah's Descendants Gather In Babylon
4 Evil Mankind Builds The Radio Tower of Babel
7 YAH Confuses The Languages Of Mankind
10Genealogy of Shem
27 Terah Fathers Abraham
30 Abraham's Wife Struggles With Infertility
Genesis 12
1 YAH Orders Abram To Leave His Family Home
10 The King Of Egypt Steals Abraham's Wife
Genesis 13
1 Abram Leaves Egypt, Rich!
6 Abram & Lot Get So Rich They Have To Separate
10 Lot Chooses The Glittery Lights of Sodom
14 YHVH Promises The Earth To Abram's Family
Genesis 14
1 War-Kings Inflame The Middle-East
5 Lord Chedorlaomer's Forces Overpower All Foes
12 The Emperor Captures Abram's Nephew (Lot)
14 Abram's 318 Praise-Warriors Evict Millions!
18 Melchizedek Blesses Abram
21 Abram Refuses To Take Government Benefits
Genesis 15
1 YAH Promises Trillions Of Children To Abram
8 YAH Makes A Dream-Covenant With Abram
Genesis 16
1 Abram's Wife Gets Him To Bed The Maid
6 The Maid Runs From Sarai's Abuse
9 YAH Promises Hagar Billions Of [Muslim] Kids
15 Hagar Slinks Back To Abram's Camp
Genesis 17
1 YAH Reaffirms His Covenant With AbraHam
9 YAH Tells Abraham To ‘Cut Off’ His Sin
15 YAH Promises Elderly Sarah Will Get Pregnant
23Abraham Performs A Symbolic Sin-Cut Ritual
Genesis 18
1 3 Paranormal 'Men' Visit Abraham
12 Sarah Laughs At The Idea of Pregnancy
17 YAH Warns Abraham He'll Nuke Sodom
Genesis 19
1 The Angels Enter Sodom To Extract Lot
4 Sodom's Perverts Try To Rape The Angel-Men
10 2 Angels Rescue Lot From Sodom's Perverts
24 YAH Nukes Sodom & Gommorah
30 Lot Runs To The Mountain & Beds His Own Kids
36 The Evil-Incest Spawn Birth Two Savage Races
Genesis 20
1 ‘Father-king’ Steals Abraham's [Hot] Wife
3 YAH Busts AbiMelech For Wife-Napping
9 AbiMelech Busts Abraham For White-Lying
14 'Father-king' Gives Back Sarah, and Wealth
Genesis 21
1 Supernaturally Youthful Sarah Gets Pregnant
3 Supernaturally Young Sarah Births Isaac
8 Isaac Grows Into Conflict With Ishmael
14 Abraham Boots His Lover & His Son Of Adultery
17 YAH Opens A Desert-Well For Ishmael & Mom
20 Ishmael Thrives & Marries
22 Father-king Makes Peace With Abraham's Clan
Genesis 22
1 A Voice Tells Abraham To Cook His Son!
9 Abe Nearly Knifes & Cooks His Son
15 YAH Blesses Abraham's Irrational Obedience
20 Abraham's Brother Makes A Bunch Of Babies
Genesis 23
1 Abraham's Wife Sarah Dies At 127 Years Of Age
3 Abraham Buys Sarah's Tomb From Terrorists
Genesis 24
1 Abraham Sends Out For Isaac's Hebrew Wife
10 Gorgeous Rebekah Lifts Tons Of Water
22 The Steward Sleeps At Rebeka's Dad's Ranch
37 The Steward Asks Rebekah To Marry Isaac
50 Rebekah Agrees To Marry Isaac
61 Rebekah Rides To Marry Her Cousin
Genesis 25
1 Old Man Abraham Marries A Hot Young Wife
5 Abraham Evicts His Many Children Of Adultery
7 Abraham Dies And Rests Beside Sarah
12 Ishmael Breeds Like A Dog With Many Sluts
19 Isaac & Rebekah Struggle To Make A Baby
21 Rebekah Births Red Hairy Esau & Cheater Jacob
27 Cheater & The Red Man Grow Up Fighting
29 Red Man Trades His Fortune For Cheater's Soup
Genesis 26
1 Isaac Flees A Famine To Live W/ 'Father-king'
7 Father-King Finds Out Isaac Lied About Rebeka
12 YAH Blesses Isaac With Vast Riches
15 The Pagans Ruin Isaac's Water Supply
17 Isaac Abandons His Home Rather Than Fight
20 More Pagan Hordes Steal Isaac's Water Supply
22 Isaac Moves Yet Again Rather Than Fight
24 YAH Blesses Isaac For His Pacifism
26'Father-king' Negotiates Peace With Isaac
32 YAH Blesses Isaac's Peace-Making With Water
34 The Red Man & His Sluts Spawn More Warriors
Genesis 27
1 Jacob & Rebeka Trick Isaac, Robbing Esau
31 The Red Man Vows To Murder The Cheater
42 Jacob Flees For His Life From The Red Man
Genesis 28
1 Jacob Travels To Syria To Find A Wife
6 RedMan Pumps His Lust Into Ishmael's Girls
10 Jacob Sees The Stairway To Heaven
Genesis 29
1 Jacob Falls In Love With Gorgeous Rachel
12 Rachel's Greedy Dad Tricks Jacob Into Slavery
18 Jacob Agrees To Slave 7 Years To Marry Rachel
23 Whitey Cheats Cheater Into Bedding Fat Sister
28 Jacob Marries Rachel
31 Israel Begins In A Baby-Making Cat-Fight
Genesis 30
1 Rachel Farms Out Her Hubby To The Maid
9 Tired Leah Sets Up Her Hubby With The Maid
14 Rachel Trades Her Hubby For Aphrodisiacs
17 Fat Leah Keeps Pumping Out Babies
22 Barren Rachel Finally Gets Pregnant
25 Jacob Tries To Run From Whitey Laban
31 Jacob Schemes A Trick To Steal Whitey's Herds
35 Jacob Steals Whitey's Fortune In Cattle
Genesis 31
1 Whitey (Laban) Schemes To Kill Cheater Jacob
3 Jacob Engineers His Escape From Whitey Laban
8 Jacob Rationalizes His Deceit
13 Leah & Rachel Agree To Leave Their Dad
17 Jacob et al Leave Syria, Escaping Whitey
22 Whitey Laban Chases Jacob The Cheater
25 Whitey Confronts Jacob The Cheater
30Laban Hunts The Priceless Idols Rachel Stole
34 Rachel Lies To Hide Her Theft
36 Jacob Screams At Whitey
43 Whitey & Cheater Make A Peace Treaty
Genesis 32
1 Jacob The Cheater Sees An Army Of Angels
3 Jacob Sends Messengers To Appease Red-Man
6 Red Man Charges Out With 400 Attack-Warriors
9 Cheater Begs YHVH To Save Him From Red-Man
13 Jacob Sends Expensive Gifts To Red-Man
24 Jacob Wrestles A Supernatural Being All Night
Genesis 33
1 The Red Man's Attack-Troops Rush Toward Jacob
4 The Red Man Hugs And Forgives Jacob
17Jacob Moves To Settle In Shechem (Neck Ridge)
Genesis 34
1 Jacob's Girl Sneaks Out To Party With Pagans
2 The Necking Prince Lays Jake's Daughter Dinah
7 Jacob's Sons Vow To Murder The Necking Prince
13 Israel's Patriarchs Chop Their Foe's Wangs
25 Israel's Sons Murder The Bleeding-Wang Dudes
Genesis 35
1 Jacob's Family Flees, Protected By YAH
10 YAH Renames ‘Cheater’: ‘El-Rules’
16 Rachel Dies Birthing Benjamin, Her 2nd Son
19 A Dramatization of Rachel's Burial
22 Reuben Lays His Dad Jacob's Concubine
23 List Of Sons Produced In The Baby-Making War
27 Jacob (Cheater) & Esau The Red Man Bury Isaac
Genesis 36
1 A List Of Esau The Red-Man's Spawn
6 Esau & Israel Separate Due To Over-Grazing
9 Red-Man & His Sluts Breed More Slut-Mongers
20 RedMan Murders All CaveMan's Southland Sons
31 RedMan's Descendants Ravage & Rule South-Land
Genesis 37
1 Joseph's Brothers Hate Him 'cause He's Better
3 Israel Gives Joseph The 'Coat Of Many Colors'
5 Joseph Dreams He's The Top Kosher Dog
9 Joseph Dreams The Universe Bows To Him
12 Joseph's Bros Ride To Gamble & Buy Bad Girls
14 Joseph Rides Out To Spy On His Bad Brothers
19 Joseph's Brothers Throw Him In A Well
26 Judah Sells Joseph To Arab Drug Dealers
31 Bad Bro's Bloody Jo's Coat & Send It To Dad
36 Drug Dealers Sell Joseph To Egypt's General
Genesis 38
1 Judah Runs Off In Fear
2 Judah Beds A Banned Caananite
6 YAH Kills Tall-Palm's Husband
8 Onan (Pounder) Spills His Baby-Seeds
10 YAH Spills Pounder's Blood
11 Judah Defrauds Tall-Palm Of Marital Rights
13 Judah Beds His Daughter-In-Law, A Fake-Whore
24 Judah Tries To Burn Tall-Palm For Whoring
26 Judah Gets Busted For Bedding His Son's Widow
27 Tall-Palm Births Breakout and Scarlet
Genesis 39
1 Slave-Traders Sell Joseph To Egypt's General
3 General Puts Joseph In Charge of His Estate
7 General's Slut Wife Tries To Seduce Joseph
11 Slut-Wife Frames Joseph On Bogus Rape Charge
19 The General Throws Joseph In The Dungeon
22 The Prison Warden Gives Joseph 100% Control
Genesis 40
1 Pharaoh Throws His Butler & Baker Into Jail
5 The 'Butler' & Baker Dream Premonitions
7 Joseph Interprets The Butler & Baker's Dreams
9 The Butler's Dream Of Prosperity
16 The Baker Pre-Dreams His Imminent Death
22 Baker Dies. Butler Abandons Joseph To Rot
Genesis 41
1 Pharaoh Dreams Of Coming Region-Wide Famine
8 The Butler Tells Pharaoh To Call Joseph
14 Joseph Predicts The Coming Famine
33 Joseph Advises Pharaoh To Stockpile Food
37 Pharaoh Makes Joseph De-Facto King Of Egypt
45 Joseph Marries A Sun-Worshipper's Daughter
47 Joseph Stockpiles 7 Years Of Food Supplies
50 Joseph's Egyptian Wife Births Him 2 Sons
53 The Famine Of 1707BC Ravages Egypt
55 Joseph Saves Egypt With His Stockpiled Food
Genesis 42
1 Jacob Sends 10 Sons To Buy Food From Egypt
6 Joseph Sees His Bro's Who Don't Recognize Him
9 Joseph Frames His Brothers As Enemy Spies!
15 Joseph Orders His Bro's To Fetch Benjamin
24 Joseph Jails Simeon & Tricks His Brothers
26Joseph's Brothers Straggle Back To Jacob
36 Jacob Refuses To Send Benjamin With His Bro's
Genesis 43
1 Starving Jacob Considers Sending Ben To Egypt
15 Israel's 9 Sons Take Benjamin To Egypt
24 Joseph Feeds His Brothers A Banquet
Genesis 44
1 Joseph Stashes His Royal Cup In Ben's Sack
3Joseph Sends His Brothers Back Home
6 Joe's Soldiers Bust Ben For Stealing The Cup!
14 Joseph Pretends To Convict Benjamin Of Theft
19Judah Recounts The Recent Events
Genesis 45
1 Joseph Reveals Himself To His Long-Lost Bro's
9 Joseph Sends for His Father Jacob
16 Joseph's Brothers Ride Back To Fetch Jacob
25 Joseph's Brothers Tell Their Dad Joseph Lives
Genesis 46
1 Israel Goes To See His Lost Son, Joseph
6 Israel's Clan Journeys Down Into Egypt
29 Joseph Meets His Lost-Lost Dad; Weeps For Joy
31 Joseph Gets Israel The Best Farmland In Egypt
Genesis 47
1 The Pharaoh Welcomes Jacob (aka Israel)
13 Joe's Government Buys All The Region's Grain
15 Joseph Trades His Grain For Farmers Animals
18 People Trade Their Bodies & Land For Grain
22Only Bad Government Taxes Nonprofit Religion
23 Joseph Taxes The Peoples' Produce
28 Israel (Jacob) Prepares To Die In Egypt
Genesis 48
1Joseph's Dad Jacob (aka Israel) Falls Ill
3 Jacob Gives Reuben's Birthright To Joe's Sons
14 Israel Gives Joe's Younger Son First Rights
Genesis 49
1 Israel (Jacob) Curses Reuben, Simeon & Levi
8 Jacob Blesses (Now Repentant) Judah
13 Jacob Blesses Zebulun
14 Jacob Foresees Oppression Smashing Issachar
16 Jacob Sees Good, Then Evil, For Dan's Tribe
19 Jacob Foresees War For The Troop-Tribe
20 Jacob Blesses The Happy Tribe Of Asher
21 Jacob Blesses The Wrestler-Tribe
22 Jacob Lavishes Blessings On Joseph
27 Jacob Curses The Violent Tribe Of Benjamin
29 Jacob Finishes His Blessing and Dies In Bed
Genesis 50
1 Joseph Mummifies His Dead Father Jacob/Israel
5 Joseph Visits The Promised Land To Bury Jacob
15 Joe's Bro's Repent Of Abusing & Selling him
19 Joseph Forgives His Brothers
22 Decades Pass; Joseph Gives His Final Blessing
25 Joseph Dies, Awaiting The Exodus From Egypt


Exodus 1
1List Of Israel's Sons Who Go To Live In Egypt
6The Hebrews Breed For Centuries In Egypt
8 Assyria Conquers Egypt & Enslaves Hebrews
15 Pharaoh Murders All Hebrew Male Babies
17 Glitter & Bright-Eyes Fearlessly Save Babies
22 Pharaoh Makes His Soldiers Kill Hebrew Babies
Exodus 2
1 Hebrew Slave JAHkebed Births Moses In Egypt
3 Pharaoh's Princess-Daughter Adopts Baby Moses
11 Moses Murders An Egyptian Slave-Driver
15 Moses Escapes To The Arabian Desert
17 At An Oasis, Moses Saves His Future Wife
21 Moses Marries Feisty Zipporah
23 Heaven Sees The Israelites Groan in Slavery
Exodus 3
1 Moses Sees YAH's Angel As A Burning Bush
4 Moses Talks With YAH'S Angel
10 YAH Calls Moses To Free The Israelite Slaves
Exodus 4
1 YHVH Turns Moses' Staff Into A Snake
18 Moses Journeys Back To Egypt
25Moses' Wife Mutilates her Baby's Wang
27Moses Has A Pow-Wow With Aaron
29 Moses & Aaron Pitch The Exodus To Israelis
Exodus 5
1 Moses Asks Pharaoh To Honor Human Rights
6 Pharaoh Barks: Make Bricks Without Straw!
21 The Israelites Turn On Moses In Rage
Exodus 6
1YHVH Again Promises To Free The Israelites
27 Moses & Aaron Again Confront Pharaoh
Exodus 7
1 YAH Warns Aaron & Moses To Be Patient
7 Moses Confronts Pharaoh With The Snake-Staff
20 Plague 1: Moses Turns Egypt's Waters To Blood
Exodus 8
1 Confrontation #2: Frog Plague
16 Confrontation #3: Blood-Sucking Flying Bugs
20 Confrontation #4: Diarrhea-Spreading Vermin
25 Pharaoh Fakes Relenting
Exodus 9
1 Plague #5: Death Of Livestock
8 Plague #6: Boils From Human Sacrifice Ashes
13 Plague #7: Hail
27 Pharaoh Fakes Relenting Again
Exodus 10
1 8th Plague: Locusts Devour Egypt's Food
16 Pharaoh Fakes Relenting A 3rd Time
21 Plague #9: Darkness Penetrates All Of Egypt
24 Pharaoh Tries To Steal The Hebrews' Animals
Exodus 11
1 YHVH Warns That He'll Kill Egypt's FirstBorn
Exodus 12
1 YHVH Calls Us To Use A Hebrew Calendar
29 Plague 10: YAH Slaughters Egypt's Firstborn
33 The Israelites EXIT Egypt
42 Moses Gives More Passover Instructions
Exodus 13
1YAH Designs The Israeli Sacred Government
3Moses Explains YAH's Passover Instructions
17Moses Leads Israel To Sukkot (Tent-Town)
20Israelis Move, Led By Paranormal Fire & Cloud
Exodus 14
1 Pharaoh's Armies Chase Israel To The Red Sea
11 Moses Parts The Red Sea For Faithless Israel
23 YAH Drowns The Egyptian Army
Exodus 15
1 The Song Of Moses (At The 'Red' Sea)
22 Israelis Complain To Moses About Bitter Water
Exodus 16
1 The Democratic Meat-Heads Pester Moses
4 Mysterious Manna Food Falls From The Sky
11 YAH Covers The Land In Quail
19 The Hoarded Manna Rots Overnight
22You Get Extra Food If You Keep The Sabbath
Exodus 17
1 Israelis Pester Moses About Drinking Water
5 Moses Strikes The Rock! Water Gushes Out
8 The Amalekites Attack To Steal Water
11 Israel Beats The Amalekites By Miracle Power
Exodus 18
1 Moses Reunites With His Spicy Wife (& Family)
13 Jethro Suggests Hierarchal Judiciary To Moses
24 Moses Installs Jethro's Hierarchal Judiciary
Exodus 19
1 Moses Hikes Back Up 'Bush Mountain'
7 The Israelites Agree To Perfectly Obey YHVH
14 Moses Warns Of The 10 Commandments Fire-Show
16 Explosions, Fire & Smoke Rock Bush Mountain
20 YHVH Warns The People To Stay Back
Exodus 20
2 Commandment #1: Serve YHVH Only
4 Commandment #2: No Idols
7 Commandment #3: Respect YHVH's Name
8 Commandment #4: Rest 24 Hours Friday Sundown
12 Commandment #5: Pay & Obey Your Parents
13 Commandment #6: Never Murder
14 Commandment #7: Preserve The Marriage Bond
15 Commandment #8: Never Steal Nor Defraud
16 Commandment #9: Never Harm Anyone With Words
17 Command #10: Don't Want Other People's Stuff
19 Terrified Israelis Beg Moses To Shut YHVH Up
22 YAH Gives Moses His Anti-Idolatry Statutes
Exodus 21
1Moses Repeals The Code Of Hammurabi
2Logical, Fair Indentured Servitude Statutes
8 Hebrew Marriage Annulment Statute
12 Hebrew Homicide Statutes
15 Hebrew Anti-Parent-Abuse Statute
16 Anti-Kidnapping Statute
18 Hebrew Injury Reparation Statutes
23 Limitations on Punishments In Hebrew Law
28 Hebrew Criminal Liability Statutes
Exodus 22
1 Hebrew Theft-Control Statutes
2 Waiver Of Murder Liability For Thief's Death
3 Hebrew Thief-Protection Statute
4 Hebrew Penalty For Theft
5 Hebrew Biblical Grazing Rights Regulations
6 Hebrew Anti-Arson / Fire Prevention Statute
7 Hebrew Trust Guidelines
9 Hebrew Disputed Property Statute
10 More Hebrew Biblical Trusteeship Guidelines
14 Biblical Property Liability Rules
16 Biblical Sexual Liability Statute
18 Anti-Occult Statute Bans Witches From Society
19 Anti-Bestiality Statute
20 Anti Animal-Sacrifice Statute
21 Hebrew Anti-Discrimination Statute
22 Hebrew Orphan and Widow Protection Statutes
25 Biblical Anti-Usury Statute
29 Health, Education & Welfare Contributions
Exodus 23
1 Refrain From Hearsay & Damaging Falsehood
8 Hebrew Anti-Bribery Statute
10 Land Sabbath Law
14 Hebrew Festival Instructions
20 YHVH Promises Angelic Protection For Obeyers
25 Blessings Promised For Obedience
31 Spiritually-Based Segregation Commanded
Exodus 24
1Israelites Promise To Obey The Sinai Covenant
9Moses And The Leaders See A Vision Of Heaven
12 Moses Gets The 10 Commandments Tablets
Exodus 25
1Items Acceptable As Sacred Donations
10Ark-Box Construction Design
23Sacred Sanctuary Table Design
31Menorah Sculpting Design
Exodus 26
1Worship Tent Design
31Design Of The Most Holy Place
Exodus 27
1Sacred Food Cooking Altar Design
9Sacred Courtyard Design
Exodus 28
1 YHVH Appoints Aaron's Sons As Priests
2Hebrew Sacred Priestly Apparel Design
15Jeweled-Breastplate Design
42Sacred Underpants Design
Exodus 29
1Hebrew Priestly Ordination Ritual
29Ordination Procedure For Successive Priests
38Ongoing Daily Sacred Food Preparation
Exodus 30
1Hebrew Incense Altar Construction Design
11Head-Count Procedure
17Sacred Wash-Basin Design
22Sacred Anointing Oil Recipe
34Sacred Incense Recipe
Exodus 31
1Hebrew Artisania
13 Guard The Hebrew Sabbath
18 Moses Gets The 1st Set Of Law Tablets
Exodus 32
1 Aaron & Israel Forge A Golden Bull God
6 The Israelis Go Wild In A Drunken Pagan Orgy
9 The Creator Moves To Annihilate The Israelis
11 Moses Gets YHVH To Relent
15 Moses Smashes The 1st Set Of Tablets
20 Moses Destroys The Bull-God
26 Moses Orders The Priests To Murder The Pagans
30 Moses Begs YHVH To Forgive Israel
33 YHVH Sends Plague On The Idolatrous Israelis
Exodus 33
1The Israelites Prepare To Leave Bush Mountain
7Moses Establishes The First Meeting Tent
12 Moses Begs YHVH For Helpers
18Moses Begs To See YAH's Actual Face
Exodus 34
1 Moses Makes Replacement Tablets
10 YHVH Demands Israel's Obedience
22 Summerfest (Shavuot) Festival Instructions
27 Moses Writes Down YHVH's Laws
29 Glowing, Moses Again Hikes Down Bush Mountain
32 Moses Gives YAH's Laws To The Israelites
Exodus 35
1Moses Summarizes YAH's Instructions To Israel
2Sabbath Is Crucial
4Donations For The Sacred Government Building
11List Of Meeting-Tent Construction Projects
20 People Give & Work To Supply The Meeting-Tent
30Moses Appoints The Chief Artisan[s]
Exodus 36
1Israel's Best Workers Start Building The Tent
5 The People Give Beyond What's Necessary
8Craftspeople Make The Curtains & Tapestries
20 Carpenters Assemble The Meeting-Tent Frame
Exodus 37
1Craftsmen Build The Ark Of The Covenant
10Carpenters Build The Sanctuary Table
17 Metalsmiths Sculpt The Giant Gold Menorah
25Hebrew Carpenters Build The Incense Altar
Exodus 38
1Craftsmen Build The Smoke-Roasting Altar
9Workers Build The Meeting-Tent's Courtyard
21Moses Honestly Records Every Ministry Expense
Exodus 39
1Weavers Sew The Sacred Hebrew Clothing
6Jewelers Set The Sacred Gems For Aaron's Vest
22Weavers Craft The High Priest's Robe
27Clothiers Make Coats, Headgear, Sashes, etc.
33Porters Haul In The Completed Temple Pieces
Exodus 40
1YHVH's Instructions For Erecting The Tent
16 Moses & The Israelites Erect The Sacred Tent
34 YAH's Presence Fills The Sacred Tent
36 2 Million Israelites Migrate, Led By Miracles


Leviticus 1
1Hebrew Sacred Meat Preparation Instructions
Leviticus 2
1Hebrew Bread Donation Instructions
Leviticus 3
1More Holy Feast-Meat Cooking Instructions
8Hebrew Sacred Meat Slaughtering Instructions
Leviticus 4
1Easing Communal Guilt For Individual Sins
8Preparing A Community Confessional Feast
13Similar Ritual For Confessing Communal Guilt
19Cooking The Communal Charity Guilt Donation
22Dealing With The Guilt Of Authority Figures
27Common People Donate Food To Confess Guilt
Leviticus 5
1 Speak Up For Victims Of Crime & Oppression
2Isolate Contaminants
4How To Terminate Your Obligations
14How To Repent Of Violating Sacred Things
17Donate Food To Shed The Burden Of Guilt
Leviticus 6
1How To Shed The Guilt Of Embezzlement
8How To Prepare Daily Food For Priests & Poor
19Food For Hebrew Ordination Rituals
24How To Cook Hebrew Repentance-Gifts
Leviticus 7
1How To Process Hebrew Confession Donations
8Donated Food For Sacred Government Workers
17 Don't Let Meat Sit Around More Than 48 Hours
19Avoid Contaminated Food
22Avoid Grease, Blood & Other Nasty Foods
29How Hebrew Priests Solemnize Food Donations
33How To Feed Sacred Government Workers
Leviticus 8
1Moses Ordains Aaron As High Priest
14Preparing Food For Aaron's Ordination Feast
33Completing Aaron's Priestly Ordination Ritual
Leviticus 9
1Feast To Present New Priests To The People
7Food For The Feast Of Priestly Presentation
23 YHVH's Glorious Fire Shoots Out
Leviticus 10
1 Two Arrogant Priests Get Torched
4Rogue Priest-Brats Get A Paupers' Burial
8 Holy People Should Avoid Addictive Substances
12Always Feed True Ministers The Best Food
16Don't Ever Burn Animals In Sacrifices!
Leviticus 11
1Biblical List Of Animals You Can Safely Eat
4 Don't Eat Animals That Eat Poop
10 Never Eat Bottom-Feeders
13Don't Eat Carrion Birds
20 Don't Eat Nasty Bugs. Eat Clean Bugs!
25 Don't Eat Nasty Animals
32 Don't Let Carcasses Contaminate Food
41Don't Eat Creepy-Crawlies
44 Stay Separated From Everything Disgusting
Leviticus 12
1Hebrew Maternity Leave Regulations
6 Donation Of Food To Pediatric Priests
Leviticus 13
1How To Diagnose and Cure Skin Diseases
18Hebrew Skin Boil Curing Technique
24Biblical Hebrew Burn Remedy Protocol
29Biblical Treatment For Head and Chin Sores
38Hebrew Treatment For Shiny White Skin Patches
40Hebrew Diagnosis of Baldness-Related Disorder
47Eradicate Contagious Fungi/Disease on Fabric
Leviticus 14
1Verification Of Healing From Skin Disease
4Ritual For Symbolic Release From Quarantine
8Final Cleansing From Skin Disease
10Feed Your ‘Doctor’ For Treating Skin Disease
14Symbolic Equation Of Disease With Death
21Purification Requirements For Poor Patients
33How Hebrews Clean A Moldy, Mildewy House
54Conclusion Of The Infection-Control Statutes
Leviticus 15
1Treating Venereal Disease & Oozing Sores
16 Clean Up Your Reproductive Fluids
19Watch Out For Vaginal Discharges
29Symbolic Purification From Vaginal Discharges
31Conclusion Of Regulations On Sexual Discharge
Leviticus 16
1Respect Holy Places
3Yom Kippur (Covering Day) Food Prep Rituals
7The ScapeGoat / Azazel
11More Yom Kippur / Scapegoat Rituals
Leviticus 17
1Hebrew Sacred Meat Preparation Instructions
10 Never Eat Blood
15Avoid Carcasses
Leviticus 18
1Never Politically Or Legally Mix With Pagans
6 All Incest Is Sex Crime
19 Other Sex-Crimes To Avoid
Leviticus 19
1Be Different From The World
5Avoid Meat-Borne Disease
9Leave Some Of Your Wealth For The Poor
11 Ways To Love Your Neighbor
20When An Indentured-Servant Girl Fornicates
23 Don't Pick Fruit From Young Trees
26 Avoid Pagan Practices
32 Honor Elderly People
33 Protect The Rights Of Foreigners
35 Never Use Debased Money (The Kind You Use)
Leviticus 20
1 Avoid The Jurisdiction Of War-Leaders
6 Stay Separate From The Worldly Nations
10 Only Have Sex Within Lawful Marriage
22 Maintain A Separate Hebraic Law System
Leviticus 21
1Priests, Stay Away From Carcasses
5 Hebrew Regulations Against Self-Harm
6 Priests And Their Families Must Stay Pure
16The High Priesthood Is A Demanding Job
Leviticus 22
1Keep Contamination Away From Sacred Food
10Sacred Food Donations Are To Maintain Priests
17Donate Your Best To YHVH
26If You Must Slaughter Animals, Do It Humanely
Leviticus 23
1Always Celebrate Hebrew Holidays & Sabbaths
5YAH Gives Passover Instructions To Moses
10Summerfest (Shavuot) Instructions
24 Celebrate The Feast Of The Trumpets
26More Yom Kippur Instructions
33Celebrate The Tent Festival!
Leviticus 24
1How To Perform The Sacred Bread & Oil Ritual
10A Blasphemer Gets Stoned, Not In A Good Way
17 Damage Others, And You Will Be Damaged
Leviticus 25
1Hebrew Land Sabbath Law
8 Forgive All Debts Every 7 Years (Jubilee)
19 Every 7th Year, Let Your Land Lie Unworked
23Hebrew Real Estate Law
35Money-Lending Business Is Unlawful In Israel
38 Hebrew Law Limits On Indentured Servitude
Leviticus 26
1 Avoid Pagan Worship Patterns & Symbols
3 Obey The Bible & You Get A Healthy Eco-System
7Homeland Security Only Comes From Obeying YAH
13 Slavery Always Comes From Ignoring The Bible
15 Sickness Comes From Ignoring The Bible
19 Ignoring Scripture Strips The Earth Bare
25 Scriptural Ignorance = National Destruction
40You Can Always Repent
Leviticus 27
1Instructions For Consecrating People & Wealth
30Give To Ministry At Least 1/10 Of All You Get

Numbers (Journeys)

Numbers (Journeys) 1
1 YHVH Instructs Moses To Make A 1st Head Count
47Priests Must Stay Separate From The Masses
Numbers (Journeys) 2
1 Moses Organizes The 2-Million-Strong Camp
Numbers (Journeys) 3
1 Moses Consecrates The First Levitical Priests
14 Moses Counts & Tasks The Levite (Priests)
40 Moses Counts Israel's Sacred Firstborn Males
44 Moses Releases FirstBorns From Sacred Duty
Numbers (Journeys) 4
1 YHVH Delegates Meeting Tent Duties To Moses
17 Respect The Holy Place, Or Die!
21 Assigning Tent-Carrying Duties
Numbers (Journeys) 5
1 Hebrew Disease-Quarantine Laws
5 General Principles Regarding Donations
11 Supernatural Test Shows If Your Wife Cheated
Numbers (Journeys) 6
1 Nazirite [Holy Man] Vow Instructions
22 The Sacred Hebrew Blessing!
Numbers (Journeys) 7
1 Funding The Meeting Tent Dedication Feast
Numbers (Journeys) 8
1 Aaron Sets Up The Gorgeous Golden Menorah
5 YHVH Explains How To Install Priests In Work
20 Israel Installs Its Levite Priests
23Priestly Service Term Defined
Numbers (Journeys) 9
1 Moses Celebrates Passover
6 Alternate Passover Make-Up Date
15 Moving On, Led By Supernatural Fire & Cloud
Numbers (Journeys) 10
1 YHVH Commands Trumpet Blowing
11 The Israelites Migrate To Mount Paran
13 Description Of The Massive Mobile Nation
29 Moses' Wife's Relatives Abandon Israel
33 The Massive Nation Moves Again
Numbers (Journeys) 11
1 Gripers get FIRED!
4 Meatheads Demand Meat-Rights
11 Moses Gets Fed-Up With the Griping Israelis
18 YAH Promises To Send Meat For Israeli Masses
24 YAH Gives Some Holy Spirit To 70 Elders
31 YAH Fills The Region With Quail
33 YHVH Kills The Meatheads
Numbers (Journeys) 12
1 Miriam Rags Moses For Marrying A Black Girl
4 YAH Blights Racist Usurper Miriam W/ Leprosy
Numbers (Journeys) 13
1Moses Selects Men To Spy On The Promised Land
17 Moses Reluctantly Sends The Spies
21 The Hebrew Spies Penetrate Enemy Territory
25 The Hebrew Spies Return South To Moses
28 The Cowardly Spies Terrify Other Israelites
Numbers (Journeys) 14
1 The Fearful Israelis Beg To Go Back To Egypt
6 Joshua & Caleb Confront The Fearmongers
11 Moses Gets YHVH To Let The Fear-Mongers Live
21 YHVH Condemns The Adults Who Left Egypt
36 The Fearmongering Spies Spontaneously Die
40 Clueless Israelis Invade W/out Authority, Die
Numbers (Journeys) 15
1YAH Educates Moses So He Can Teach Us
3 Meat-Roasting Recipes For Sacred Feasts
14 Equal Protections And Duties Under The Law
17 First-Grain Harvest Ritual Of Praise & Thanks
22 How To Get Forgiven For 'Innocent' Sins
30 Punishment For Defiant Sin
32 A Sabbath-Breaker Gets The Death Penalty
37 Put Tassles On Clothes To Remember YAH's Laws
Numbers (Journeys) 16
1 Korah's Democratic Revolution Against Moses
16 Moses Challenges The Pro-Democracy Rebels
19 YHVH Destroys Korah's ‘Peoples' Republic’
41 People Resurrect The Democratic Rebellion
44 YHVH Sends A Plague On The Ingrates
Numbers (Journeys) 17
1Aaron's Wooden Staff Supernaturally Blossoms
12 The Unrepentant Voters Moan & Cry In Terror
Numbers (Journeys) 18
1 Holy Priests' Unique Lifestyle, Rights, Duty
9 How Ministers Are To Get Fed
19 The Levitical (Aaronic) Priesthood Covenant
21 Tithing Regulations In The Mosaic Code
Numbers (Journeys) 19
1 Cleansing Ashes From A Red Heifer's Remains
11 Quarantine People Who Touch Corpses
Numbers (Journeys) 20
1 38 Years Pass. All The Original Émigrés Die
2 Israel Rebels Against Moses Over Water Needs
7 YAH Commands Moses To Talk To A Rock
11 Silly Moses SMACKS The Rock; Water Gushes Out
14 Moses Asks To Cross Red-Man's Country [Edom]
18 Edom's King Denies Israel's Travel Rights
22 The Israelis Stagger From Kadesh To Mount Hor
24 YHVH Kills Aaron, The High Priest
Numbers (Journeys) 21
1 Merchant-King Arad Attacks Israel
3 YHVH Bans The Merchant-Attackers
5 YAH Drops Fire-Snakes To Kill The Gripers
8 Moses Lifts A Snake On A Pole To Heal People
10 Israel Fights Ruins, Whirlwinds, Floods
16 Israelis Sing The Song Of The Well
19The Israelites Journey To Moab
21 King Tornado Attacks Israel & Denies Travel
24 Israel Banishes King Tornado's Mountaineers
32 Israel Captures The ‘Ring Of Protection’
33 Moses Banishes Moab's Fat Giant King Og
Numbers (Journeys) 22
1Israel Camps Near The Spawn Of Moab
2 Balak The Annihilator Plots Against Israel
5 Annihilator Hires A Sorcerer To 'Stab' Israel
12 YAH Forbids Balaam From Cursing Israel
21 Destroyer-Angel Terrifies The Talking Donkey
36#1 Of The Annihilator's 3 Failed Curses
Numbers (Journeys) 23
1Occult False Prophet Balaam Murders Animals
5 Baalam Sings A Song Praising Israel
13 Balaam's Failed Curse #2
16 Balaam Sings Another Hymn Praising Israel
27 King Balak's Failed Curse #3
Numbers (Journeys) 24
1 Entranced Balaam Sings A 3rd Praise To Israel
10 King Balak The Annihilator Fires The Sorcerer
14 The Sorcerer Sees Israel's World Dominance
24 Balaam The Seer Predicts The End Of The World
Numbers (Journeys) 25
1 Israel's Sex-Addicts Erect A Sex-Shrine
4 YAH Bans The Perverts
6 Snake-Mouth Stabs The Satanic Fornicators
16 YAH Bans The Sex-Worshippers
Numbers (Journeys) 26
1 Moses Takes A Post-Wandering Head Count
52 YHVH Orders Permanent Family-Based Land Plots
57 Moses Counts The Levite [Priests]
Numbers (Journeys) 27
1 Courageous Daughters Win Women's Rights
6 YHVH Grants Equal Rights For Women
12 Moses Passes His Authority To JAHshua
Numbers (Journeys) 28
1 Moses Gives General Hebrew Feast Regulations
3 Provide Daily Recurring Sanctuary Meals
9 Moses' Sabbath Day Feast Instructions
11 New Moon Festival Feast Food Instructions
16 Moses Gives Additional Passover Instructions
26 First-Fruits (Summer) Festival Instructions
Numbers (Journeys) 29
7 10th Day (Yom Kippur) Food Instructions
12 TentFest Day 1 Food Preparation Instructions
17Cook This On Day 16 of The 7th Month (Fall)
20Cook This Food On The 17th Day Of Month 7
23Cook This Food On The 18th Day Of Month 7
26Cook This Food On The 19th day Of Month #7
29Cook This Food On The 20th Day Of Month #7
32Cook This Food On The 21th Day Of Month #7
3522nd Day Of The 7th Month, Close The TentFest
Numbers (Journeys) 30
1Make No Promises: Heaven Is Watching
3 The Effect Of Coverture On Binding Agreements
Numbers (Journeys) 31
1 Praise Teams Rain Destruction On Perverts
9 The Israelites Take Bad Booty
13 Moses Gets Mad Because Of The Booty-Sluts
19 Purification Of The Plunder & the Plunderers
25 Taxing Plunder To Support Sacred Government
48 The Praise-Warriors Give Extra To YHVH
Numbers (Journeys) 32
1 Reuben & Gad Leave Israel Seeking Cattle-Land
6 Moses Scolds The Cattle-Crazies
16 Cattle-Barons Agree To Help Israel Go West
28 Moses Deeds The Eastern Lands To The Ranchers
33 The Cattle-Barons Settle The Eastern Lands
Numbers (Journeys) 33
1 A Summary Of Israel's 40-Year Exodus
51 Stay Separated From The Sinful World-System
Numbers (Journeys) 34
1 The Territorial Borders Of The Promised Land
16 YHVH Assigns Family Land-Allocation Executors
Numbers (Journeys) 35
1 You Must Give Free Land To YHVH's Servants
9You Must Provide Havens For Falsely-Accused
16 Intentional Killers Get No Protection
22 Shelter People Who Innocently Commit Crimes
30 Criminal Procedures & Due Process Protections
Numbers (Journeys) 36
1 Female Land-Ownership Mixes Tribal Regions
5 Moses Orders Ladies To Respect Tribal Regions


Deuteronomy 1
1Moses Moves The Israelis To The Promised Land
9Always Use Fair Dispute-Resolution Processes
19 Moses Recounts The Promised Land Spy Debacle
34 Moses Recounts The Destruction Of The Gripers
Deuteronomy 2
1Moses Recounts The Tortured Southland Passage
9Thru The Lands Of Perverts, Giants & Red-Men
13In 38 Years, The Desert Consumes The Gripers
17Moses Recounts Crossing Amonite Territory
26Moses Recounts Tornado's Fight To The Death
36YAH's Subsequent Sweep To The Promised Land
Deuteronomy 3
1The Vicious Attack Of Og The Fat Giant-King
12Moses Awards Eastern Lands To Cattle-Barons
23 Moses Begs To Cross To The Promised Land
Deuteronomy 4
1 The Hebrew Law Gives You Life
8 Guard The Law Like You Guard Your Life
10 Remember The Bush-Mountain Miracles
16 Never Get Involved in ANY Kind Of Idolatry
26 Ignoring Biblical Law Will Kill You
29 Repent And YAH Will Lift You Up
32 YHVH's Relationship To Israel Is Incomparable
41Build Sanctuary Towns For Innocent Killers
44Introduction To The Commandments
Deuteronomy 5
1Moses Summarizes The Law
6 Repetition Of The 10 Commandments
22 Moses Recounts YAH Giving The 10 Commandments
23 Israelites' Run In Fear From YAH's Presence
27 The Israelis Swore To Obey 100% Of YAH's Law
Deuteronomy 6
1 The Law Is To Help You, Not To Ruin Your Fun
4 The Shema! YHVH Our Elohim is ONE, Not Three
6 The Creator's Blueprint For Education
13 Only Serve YHVH
20Tell Your Children The Meaning of The Law
Deuteronomy 7
1 Stay Spiritually Separated From The Pagans
6 You Are A Special, Holy, Protected Nation
12 Live YAH's Laws: You'll Get Massively Blessed
17 You'll Conquer Giant Nations If You Obey YAH
25 Get Rid Of Pagan Objects, Habits & Thoughts
Deuteronomy 8
1 Your Life Comes From YAH's Word, Not Your $
7 Huge Wealth Eventually Comes From Obeying YAH
11 Wealth Makes You Arrogant & Spiritually Weak
18 Following Anybody But YAH Gets You Dead
Deuteronomy 9
1YAH Will Vanquish The Giant Strangler's Spawn
4 YAH Destroys Your Enemies Because They're Bad
7 Moses Recounts The Golden-Calf Debacle
22Moses Recounts Israel's Contant Recidivism
25Moses Gets YHVH To Relent For YAH's Own Fame
Deuteronomy 10
1 Moses Recounts Getting The 2nd Set Of Tablets
6Moses Summarizes The Journey From Mount Sinai
12 Simple Obedience Is All YAH Wants From You
17 Honor & Help Poor, Weak Or Foreign People
20 Stay 100% Under YAH's Authority. Never Pledge
Deuteronomy 11
1Moses Recounts YAH's Exodus Miracles
8Keeping The Law Makes You Strong & Prosperous
16 Disobedience Brings Death For You & Your Land
18 Give Kids Dual-Parent Biblical Home Education
22Keeping YAH's Law Makes The Military Obsolete
26Obedience To YAH = Life; Rebellion = Death
Deuteronomy 12
1 Study & Execute YAH's Laws Every Day
2 Totally Ban All Occult Activities & Objects
5Gather With Other Believers To Share Feasts
20 Even When You Eat Meat Privately, Do It Right
23Never Eat Or Drink Blood!
28 Legally & Spiritually Separate From Pagans
Deuteronomy 13
1 False Prophets Perform Counterfeit Miracles
6Shun Your Family If They Follow Pagan Leaders
12Never Let Idolatry Infect Your Fellowship
Deuteronomy 14
1 Never Cut Your Body Or Mar Your Skin
3Good Food You Should Eat
7 Bad Food You Humans Should Never Eat
9 Good Fish You Can And Should Eat
11Birds You Can & Can't Eat
22 Donate 1/10th To YAH's Workers For Feasts
Deuteronomy 15
1 Release All Debt Every 7 Years
4 Thou Shalt Not Borrow
7 Give Richly To Poor People Who Can't Repay
12 Richly Provide For Your Indentured Servants
16 Voluntary Permanent Indentured Servitude
19Give Your First And Best To YAH's Work
22Local Spiritually-Enriching Community Feasts
Deuteronomy 16
1More Passover Instructions From Moses
9Summer-Fest (Feast Of Weeks) Instructions
13 More Tent Festival Instructions
18 Appointment Of Judges/Mediators
21 Prohibited Occult Monuments
Deuteronomy 17
1Give Your Absolute Best To Help & Feed People
2Biblical Criminal Sentencing Statutes
14 Hebrew Limitations On Monarchy & Government
18 All Good Leaders Must Memorize The Bible
Deuteronomy 18
1Hebrew Priests' Rights & Disallowances
9 Hebrew Anti-Occult Regulations
15Respect Everyone Who Speaks YAH's Word
20 All False Prophets Will Die
Deuteronomy 19
1YAH Promises To Cleanse The Promised Land
2Sanctuary Cities For Unintentional Manslayers
11 Let Avengers Kill Intentional Murderers
14 Respect Land Boundary Markers
15 Punishing Malicious False Witnesses
Deuteronomy 20
1 Never Fear Military Force
2Statutes Exempting Hebrews From Battle
10International Peace-Making
13Segregation From Demon-Worshippers
19 Ecological Statutes For Preservation Of Trees
Deuteronomy 21
1Dealing With Unsolved Murders
10Never Capture Nor Bed Pagan Women
15 Equally Honor Children Of Your Multiple Wives
18 Metaphorical Death Penalty For Bad Children
22Limits On Crucifixion
Deuteronomy 22
1 Help Your Neighbor Recover His Lost Animal
5 Cross-Dressing Discouraged, But Not Penalized
6Care For Birds
8 Keep Your Property Safe; Avoid Liability
9 Only Use Heirloom, Non-GMO Seeds
10 Holiness Symbols
13 You Can't Ditch Your Bride After You Ding Her
20Don't Fake Your Virginity
22 Sex With A Married Lady Is Deadly
23 Don't Have Sex With Engaged People
25 It's Not A Crime To Get Raped
28 Bed A Girl, And You Support Her For Life!
30 Hands-Off Your Dad's Female
Deuteronomy 23
1 Never Ever Cut A Penis Or Testicles!
2Keep Out The Riff Raff
10Protection From Night-Time Contamination
12 Hebrew Composting Toilet Provisions
15Let Escaped Slaves Go Free
17 There's No Such Thing As A Hebrew Whore
19 Hebrew Anti-Money-Lending Statutes
21 Never Bind Yourself In ANY Obligation
24Poor People Have The Right To Trespass & Eat
Deuteronomy 24
1 Moses Condemns Divorce & Re-Marriage
5 Hebrews Get Year-Long Honeymoons
6 Taking Work Tools As Collateral Prohibited
7 Kidnappers/Man-Stealers Get The Death Penalty
8Skin-Diseases Are Religious Matters
10 Limitations On Debt Collection
14 Pay Workers Fairly And Immediately
16 Prohibition Of Child And Elderly Sacrifice
17 Law Protections For Poor People & Immigrants
18 Prevent Central-Government Welfare Systems
Deuteronomy 25
1 Verdicts For Crimes Punishable By Whipping
4 Workers Must Be Adequately Fed And Cared For
5Widows Can Remarry, But Only Within The Faith
11 Ladies, Never Grab A Fighting Man's Privates!
13 Debased Money (Which You Now Use) Prohibited
17YHVH Kills Your Enemy & Gives His Junk To You
Deuteronomy 26
1Spring-Harvest Hebrew Party Plans
5 Hebrew Praise Party Song
12Party Plans For Your 3rd Year of Blessing
16The Rights and Duties of The Sinai Covenant
Deuteronomy 27
1Make Monuments Inscribed With YAH's Commands
11Curses That Come From Disobeying YAH's Law
20Curses On Sexual Sinners
Deuteronomy 28
1Blessings You Get If You Obey YAH'S Laws
12 Never, Ever Borrow Anything
14 Disasters Smash You If You Ignore YAH's Laws
44 Debt Is A Curse
45 Ignoring YAH's Law = Famine, Tyranny & War
53 Disobey Long Enough & You Eat Your Own Babies
59 Disease Comes From Ignoring The Bible
62 Mass Deaths Result From Ignoring The Bible
64 Exile & Slavery Come From Ignoring The Bible
Deuteronomy 29
1Moses Briefly Summarizes The Exodus He Led
10Moses Brings The New Generation Into Covenant
16Stay Disconnected From Pagan People
19Don't Be A Counterfeit Judeo-Christian
21Lawless ‘Believers’ Get Mega-Damnation
24Fake Judeo-Christians Die As Cautionary Tales
Deuteronomy 30
1Repent Of Fake Religion, Obey Law & Go Free
11 YAH's Laws Are Simple, Logical & Accessible
15Law = Life; Lawlessness = Death. Your Choice.
Deuteronomy 31
1Moses Warns: YAH Will Destroy Israel's Foes
7 Moses Says 'Joshua, Let YAH Fight Your Wars'
9Dramatically Present The Whole Torah To All
14Moses Prophesies His Imminent Death
16 Moses Predicts Israel's Fall Into Sin
19 YAH Uses Song: His #1 Communication Tool
22 Moses Writes His Final Song
24Moses Writes The Torah
27 Moses Announces His Last Song To Rebel Israel
Deuteronomy 32
1The Song Of Moses (The Shirah / Ha-Azinu)
4 Stanza 1: Yah's Love For Israel
16 Stanza 2: Israel's Ingratitude
28 Stanza 3: Global Indictment & Punishment
40 Song of Moses: Epilogue
45Moses' Words After The Song
48 YHVH Banishes Moses To His Death Place
Deuteronomy 33
1Moses' Farewell Blessing To The Israelites
8Moses Blesses The Levite Priests
13 Moses Blesses The Tribe[s] Of Joseph
18Moses Blesses Zebulun, Gad, Dan, Naph., Asher
26 Lean On YHVH's Everlasting Arms
Deuteronomy 34
1 Moses Leaves Israel For Heaven
5 Moses Dies
10 A Final Elegy For Moses


Joshua 1
1YAH Tells Joshua To Lead Israel Into The Land
7 Courage = Obedience To YAH's Law
10Joshua Rallies Millions To Cross Enemy Lines
12Ranchers Agree To Obey Joshua & Help Israel
Joshua 2
1Joshua Sends 2 Spies To Jericho's Whorehouse
3 A Swat Team Searches The Whorehouse
4 A Prostitute Lies To Protect Israeli Spies
8Whore Betrays Her King To Help Israel Invade
15 Rahab The Whore Helps Israeli Spies Escape
22 Spies Evade The Cops To Run Back To Joshua
Joshua 3
1Preparing To Cross Into The Promised Land
14 The Hebrews Cross The River On Dry Land
Joshua 4
1YAH Commissions The River-Cross Monument
4Joshua Tells 12 Leaders To Build The Monument
10 2M Israelis Cross A River-Flood On Dry Ground
15The Priests Cross The Riverbed With The Ark
20Joshua's First Address In The Promised Land
Joshua 5
1Pagan Nations Shake In Terror Of The Israelis
2Joshua Cuts Sinning Pagan Hordes From Israel
10 1st Passover Feast In The Promised Land
13 Joshua Meets The Captain Of The Angel Armies
Joshua 6
1 YAH Orders: 'Take The Fortress Of Jericho'
6 Jahshua Leads Nonviolent Spiritual War
11Praise-Warriors Circle Jericho For 6 Days
15 7th Day: JAHshua Signals The Praise-Warriors
20 Trumpets Blow; City Fortress Walls Fall Flat!
Joshua 7
1 A Troublemaker Steals Occult Paraphernalia
2Joshua Sends Spies To Ai
4 Praise-Warriors Confront Ai, And Get Whooped
6 YAH Says: If You Sin, You Lose His Protection
16 The Occult-Hoarder Confesses To Joshua
24The Israelites Kill & Burn The Occult Hoarder
Joshua 8
1 JAHshua Takes Ai-City From The Demon-Spawn
30Joshua Builds An Altar Of Uncut Stones
Joshua 9
1 The Flower-Hills Pagans Trick-Squat In Israel
Joshua 10
1 5 Western Tyrants Attack JAHshua
12 The Sun Stands Still
16 JAHshua Crucifies The 5 Vicious Kings
28Joshua Evicts Many Kingdoms From The Land
Joshua 11
1 A Mighty Conspiracy Of Evil Armies Attacks!
7 YHVH Defeats Millions Of Pagan Warriors
21 Joshua Expels The Demon-Spawn Anakim
Joshua 12
1List Of Lands Seized East Of The Jordan River
7List Of Lands Seized West of The Jordan River
Joshua 13
1YAH Promises To Clear Pagans From The Land
8Joshua Confirms The Cattle-Barons' Land-Right
15Joshua Confirms Cattle-Boss Reuben's Cow-Land
24Joshua Confirms The Cow-Towns Of Gad's Tribe
29Joshua Confirms East Manasseh's Cattle-Lands
Joshua 14
1Preamble To Parceling Out The Western Lands
6Joshua Allots Land To Caleb, The Brave Spy
Joshua 15
1Joshua Parcels Out Land To The Tribe Of Judah
13Caleb Takes Land From The Giant Demon-Spawn
15Caleb Gives His Daughter To Expel Mutants
20Joshua Awards Judah A Massive List Of Cities
Joshua 16
1Joshua Parcels Land To The Tribes of Joseph
5Joshua Parcels Land To The Tribe Of Ephraim
Joshua 17
1Joshua Awards West-Lands To Manasseh's Tribe
14 Joseph's Progeny Pester Joshua For More Land
Joshua 18
1JAHshua Sends Explorers To Map More Land
11Joshua Allots Territory To Benjamin's Tribe
Joshua 19
1JAHshua Allots Land To The Tribe Of Simeon
10JAHshua Allots Land To The Tribe Of Zebulun
17JAHshua Parcels Land To The Tribe Of Issachar
24Joshua Allots Land To Happy Asher's Tribe
32Joshua Allots The Wrestler-Tribe's Land
40Joshua Allots Land To The Tribe of Dan
49JAHshua Gets His Own Land
Joshua 20
1Joshua Builds Refuge Cities For Defendants
Joshua 21
1 Levite Priests Get Their Free Housing & Land
43 The Promised Land Promise Is Finally Reality
Joshua 22
1Joshua Releases Cattle Barons To Return Home
10Westside Gang Accuses The Eastside Of Treason
Joshua 23
1 Dying Joshua Commands Israel To Stay Separate
Joshua 24
1 YHVH Recounts The Exodus
14 Joshua Again Begs You To Stay Independent
29 Joshua Dies At 110 Years Of Age


Judges 1
1 Judah Evicts The Demon-Worshippers From Judea
5 Thugs Cut Off Lightning's Thumbs & Big Toes!
8 Judah's Tribe Occupies Jerusalem & Judea
12 Caleb Gives His Daughter To The Champion
16 Judah Evicts Many Pagans, Then Quits in Fear
21 Other Tribes Get Too Slack To Evict Pagans
Judges 2
1 YAH's Angel Busts Israel For Mixing W/ Pagans
6A Flashback To Joshua's Final Address
8 Another account Of JAHshua's Burial
10 The New Generation Forsakes YHVH
14 YAH Allows The Pagans To Pillage Israelis
16 YAH Raises Judge-Leaders To Save Israel
17 The Israelis Ignore The Judges
20 YAH Leaves Pagans In The Land To Test Israel
Judges 3
1 Israel Fornicates W/ Deadly Straggler-Pagans
9 YAH Raises Up 'Force-Of-El' To Rescue Israel
12 YAH Sends Moab To Enslave Israel For 18 Years
15 'Unity' Stabs Eglon The Obese Pervert-King
26Unity Leads Israel To Evict 10000 Warriors
Judges 4
1 Israel Again Sins, Falling To The Caananites
4 Prophetess Deborah Leads Mighty Warrior Men
10 General Lightning Fights Evil General Sisera
11 The Cain-ites Betray The Israelis To Sisera
13 Sisera Amasses His Hordes To Murder Israel
15 YHVH Crushes Sisera's Hordes Before Praisers
17 Lady Drives A Tent-Peg Thru A General's Head!
Judges 5
1 Deborah & General Lightning's Rap Dance Song
Judges 6
1 Israel Falls Into Slavery To The Brawlers
11 The Angel of YAH Appears To Gideon
25 Gideon Tears Down The Altar Of Baal
33 Brawler-Nation's War Coalition Attacks Israel
36 Gideon Gets A Sign From A Wet Sheepskin
Judges 7
1 Gideon Leads Israel Against Brawler-Nations
Judges 8
1 Gideon's Wise, Humble Words Stop A Fight
4 Tent Town & Penuel Refuse To Help Gideon
10 Gideon's 300 Praise-Men Evict 15000 Warriors
13 Gideon Exacts Revenge on Selfish Food-Deniers
18 Gideon Kills Kings Slaughter & Cold-Heart
22 Gideon Refuses To Become King Of Israel
24 Gideon Makes A Big Sculpture Of Gold Plunder
29 Gideon Makes Many Babies With Tons Of Women
32 Gideon Dies; Israel's Brats Sink To Idolatry
Judges 9
1 Gideon's Evil Son, 'Father-King', Grabs Power
5 Gideon's Son 'Father-King' Kills His 70 Bro's
7JAHtham Screams A Parable Of Political Trees
22 The Neck-Men Rebel Against Evil 'Father-King'
30 Father-King's Governor Betrays Gaal's Rebels
40 Father-King Massacres The Neck-City Rebels
50 A Woman Drops A Rock On Father-King's Head
Judges 10
1Tola [Red-Wiggler] Leads Israel For 23 years
3'Goldshine' Leads Israel For 22 years
6 Israel Falls Back Into Sin & Slavery 18 Years
10 Brats Of Israel Whine, But YAH Ignores Them
16 The Israelites Actively Repent
Judges 11
1 Whore-Spawn Jephthah's Half-Bro's Disown Him
3 Jephthah Turns Into A Notorious Criminal Boss
5Israelis Slink Back To Beg Jephthah To Fight
11 Jephthah Gets Crowned Commander-In-Chief
12 Jephthah Tries Reason With The Inbred Enemy
30 Mr. Wide-Open Opens His Mouth Too Wide
32 Jephthah Evicts The Inbred Ammonites
34 Jephthah Consigns His Daughter To The Nunnery
Judges 12
1 Wide-Open's Blab-Mouth Enrages The Fruits
4 Civil War Breaks Out: Double-Fruits vs Gilead
7Wide-Open Bigmouth Dies; Leaders Replace Him
Judges 13
1 Israel Falls Into Slavery To The Palestinians
3 YAH's Angel Visits Samson's Infertile Mom-To-Be
9 The Angel Again Visits Samson's Mom-To-Be
15 In Fire, YAH's Angel Rises From Samson's Dad
24 Samson [SunRay] Is Born & Grows Up Strong
Judges 14
1 SunRay Disobeys His Parents; Lusts For A Slut
5 Visiting His Slut, SunRay Rips Apart A Lion
8 SunRay Eats Honey From The Dead Lion's Carcass
10 SunRay Throws A Big Pagan Wedding Feast
12 SunRay Bets The Pagans Can't Solve His Riddle
15 Pagans Force Samson's Wife To Rob The Answer
19 SunRay Goes On A Murder Rampage
Judges 15
1 Samson's Dad-In-Law Gives Samson's Wife Away
4 Samson Lights Jackals On Fire, Burns Crops
6 The Philistines Burn Samson's Wife!
8 Samson Massacres The Philistines In Revenge
9 Philistines Attack Judah In Boomerang Revenge
12The Jews Hand Samson To The Philistines
14 Samson Murders 1000 Palestinians W/ A Jawbone
18 YAH Opens A Water-Spring For Samson To Drink
20 Samson Leads Israel For 20 War-plagued Years
Judges 16
1 Samson Sleeps With A Whore In Gaza
4 SunRay Falls In Lust With Delilah The Succubus
6 Delilah Fails 3x To Extract SunRay's Secret
15 Delilah Wears Samson Down & Steals His Secret
19 Delilah Drugs SunRay, Shaves & Tortures Him
23 Pagans Parade Samson In Their Fish-God Temple
29 SunRay Dies Destroying The Demon-God's Temple
Judges 17
1 Micah Returns A Fortune He Stole From His Mom
2 Idolatry Comes To Israel Though Micah's Mom
4 Micah's Mom Forges A Giant Silver Idol-God
7 Micah Hires A Priest For His Temple Business
Judges 18
1 The Evil Tribe Of Dan Hunts For Land To Steal
3 Micah's False Priest Blesses Dan's Kill-Spies
7 Spies Plan To Attack Pacifist Separatist Farm
11 The Danite Murder-Troop Rides Out
14 Murderers Raid The Shrine & Co-opt The Priest
22 Micah Fails To Arrest The Murder-Militia
27 Danites Massacre The Pacifist Farm-Dwellers
Judges 19
1 A Priest Shacks Up With A Cheating Whore
3 Priest Chases Down Whore At Her Dad's House
5 Whore's Dad Won't Let Priest & Whore Leave
10 Finally Priest Escapes From His Whore's Dad
14 Priest & His Whore Ride To The Flower-Hills
21 Benjamite Perverts Rape & Kill Priest's Whore
29 The Priest Cuts Up Whore's Body, Mails Pieces
Judges 20
1 Israel Plans Civil War Vs. FlowerHills Perv's
11 Leaders of Gibeah Refuse To Surrender Rapists
15 Israeli Armies Face Off In A Civil War
21 Benjamites Slaughter 22000 Fellow Israelis
23 Benjamites Slaughter Another 18000 Israelis!
29 Israel Massacres 100000+ Benjamite Relatives
Judges 21
1 Israelis Hunt Wives For Surviving Benjamites
5 Israelis Murder Innocents To Steal Virgins
19 Benjamites Steal Dancing Girls As Slave-Wives


Ruth 1
1 Famine Wracks Israel, So EliMelech Migrates
4 Despised Moabite Ruth Marries A Doomed Hebrew
6 Ruth Leaves Moab For Israel
19 Ruth Arrives In Moabite-Hating Israel
Ruth 2
1 Ruth Sees Boaz, The Nice Rich Man
5 Boaz Treats Ruth Kindly
14 Rich Boaz Dines Publicly With Despised Ruth
17 Ruth Works Like A Dog To Help Her Mom-In-Law
Ruth 3
1 Naomi Suggests That Ruth Attract Boaz
6 Ruth Lays Down & Offers Her Love To Boaz
Ruth 4
1 Boaz Negotiates With Townsmen To Marry Ruth
13 Boaz Marries Ruth
17 Moabite Ruth Births The Line Of King David!

1st Samuel

1st Samuel 1
1 Samuel's Dad Picks Barren Wife Over Breeder
9 Priest & Hannah Pray For Samuel's Birth
19 EL-Kanah Gets Hannah Pregnant With SamuEL
24 Hannah Dedicates Baby To Lifelong Priesthood
1st Samuel 2
1 Hannah Sings As She Dedicates Her Baby
12 Eli's Priest-Sons Fornicate & Rob The Temple
18 YAH Blesses Samuel's Family; Hannah Has Kids
22 Eli's Sons Keep Abusing The Priesthood
27 Mystery Prophet Foresees Doom On Eli's Family
1st Samuel 3
1 Boy Samuel Hears YAH's Audible 'Voice'
11 YAH Curses Eli's Evil Religionist Family
15 Samuel Tells Priest Eli His Family Is Doomed
19 Samuel Grows Up; Prophesies Israel's Doom
1st Samuel 4
1 Philistines Massacre Israelis & Capture Ark
12 Old Fat Eli Dies Hearing Of Israel's Defeat
19 Snake-Mouth's Wife Dies Bearing Ichabod
1st Samuel 5
1 YAH's Ark Conquers The Fish-God Idol
6 YAH Curses The Idolaters With Genital Tumors
8 Philistines Pass Around The Hot-Potato Ark
1st Samuel 6
1 YAH Smites The Philistines For 7 months
3 Sorcerers Say, 'Warlords, Return The Ark'
10 WarLords Send Ark Home w/ Gold Tumors & Mice
19 YAH Strikes People For Looking Inside The Ark
1st Samuel 7
1 Israel Spends 20 Years Mourning Defeat
3 Israel Finally Resolves To Serve Only YHVH
7 The Palestinians Attack The Penitent Ekklesia
10 YAH Smashes The Attackers With A Voice-Bomb
15 Samuel Guides Israel
1st Samuel 8
1 Samuel's Sons Turn Corrupt
4 Israel Ousts YAH To Elect A Man Head Of State
1st Samuel 9
1 Young Saul Goes Looking For His Dad's Donkeys
6 Saul Consults The Supernatural Prophet SamuEL
17 YAH Tells SamuEl Saul Will Be King
22 SamuEl Honors Young, Humble Saul Above All
1st Samuel 10
1 Samuel Blesses Saul & Predicts His Near Future
9 Young Saul Gets Born Again
17 Samuel Announces Saul's Kingship To Leaders
21 Saul Hides From Kingship In The Baggage Pile
1st Samuel 11
1 King Snake-Hiss Makes War On Arid Jabesh
5Saul Drafts Israel's Men To Fight Snake-Hiss
11 Saul Crushes The Armies Of King Snake-Hiss
14 Samuel Crowns Saul The First King Of Israel
1st Samuel 12
1 Samuel Warns Israel Their Government Will Die
1st Samuel 13
1 Young King Saul Begins His Reign Of Terror
8 King Saul Usurps The Role Of High Priest
16 The Philistines Besiege Saul's Unarmed 'Army'
1st Samuel 14
1 JAHnathan Eerily Sneak-Attacks The Enemy Fort
15YAH Throws The Enemy Into Suicidal Confusion
24 Saul Makes Soldiers Swear A Death-Curse
27 Saul's Son Jonathan Eats Honey; Death-Cursed
47 Saul Morphs His War-State To A Killing-Empire
49A Brief Genealogy Of King Saul
1st Samuel 15
1 Corrupted King Saul Banishes The Amalekites
9 Saul Holds Onto Prize Loot & Evil Enemy King
22 Samuel Says King Saul's Terror-Reign is Over
32 The Prophet Chops The Beast-King Into Pieces
1st Samuel 16
1 YHVH Chooses David To Replace King Saul
4 The Prophet Samuel Goes To Anoint David King
14 YAH's Spirit Leaves Evil King Saul
17 David's Music Exorcises Saul's Evil Demons
1st Samuel 17
1 Palestine's Giant (Goliath) Challenges Israel
12 Shepherd Boy David Goes To The Battlefield
26 Young David Offers To Slay The Giant
32 Young David Refuses King Saul's Armor
40 David Kills Goliath, The Demon-Spawned Giant
1st Samuel 18
1 Jonathan Betrays His Dad-King To Save David
5 Young David's Fame Shames Evil King Saul
10 Demon King Saul Hurls A Javelin To Kill David
17 Saul Tricks David Out Of Marrying His #1 Girl
20 Saul Makes David Chop Penises To Get His Girl
1st Samuel 19
1 Demonic King Saul Attempts To Murder David
7 David & King Saul Temporarily Reconcile
9 Saul Tries To Murder David With His Javelin
11 David's Wife Lies To The Cops & The King
1st Samuel 20
1 David & Jonathan Plan A Lie To Fool King Saul
11 Jonathan & David Make A Protection Pact
18 Jonathan's Arrow-Shot Secret-Code Spy-Trick
24 Saul Sees Through JAHnathan's & David's Lies
33 Saul Attempts To Murder His Son JAHnathan
35 JAHnathan Shoots The Secret-Message Arrow
41 Prince JAHnathan & David Part
42 David Flees From King Saul's Murderous Rage
1st Samuel 21
1 David & Outcasts Eat Forbidden Sacred Bread
10 David Runs To Hide In Philistine Land
11 David Pretends To Be Insane To Avoid Death
1st Samuel 22
1 David Assembles A Wild Following
9 Saul's Dog-Boy Murders 85 of YAH's Priests!
1st Samuel 23
1 David Saves A Citadel By Supernatural Power
7 Saul Drives His Assassin-Army To The Citadel
13 On YAH's Advice, David Flees The Citadel
16 JAHnathan & David Renew Their Alliance
19 Ziph's Tattle-Tales Rat Out David To Saul
25 Bad King Saul Chases David Through The Desert
27 Philistines Attack Israel, Diverting Mad Saul
1st Samuel 24
1 Saul Hunts David On The Wild Goat Rock Lands
3 In A Cave, David Refuses To Kill Pooping Saul
8 David & King Saul Reconcile, Temporarily
1st Samuel 25
1 The Prophet Samuel Dies
2 Mr. Stupid Rich Man Snubs David
12 David Vows To Murder Mr. Stupid Rich Guy
18 Abigail (Mr. Stupid's Wife) Saves Her Family
1st Samuel 26
1 Mad Saul's Army Hunts David Like A Desert Dog
5 David Steals Saul's Spear, But Avoids Killing
17 King Saul Again Reconciles With David
1st Samuel 27
1 David Escapes To Live With Enemy Philistines
8 David Evicts Pagans From The Promised Land
1st Samuel 28
1 The Philistines Make War On Saul's Israel
7 King Saul Holds An Occult Seance With A Witch
14 Demon Poser “SamuEl” Prophesies Saul's Death
1st Samuel 29
1 Philistine WarLords Boot David From The Army
1st Samuel 30
1 David Finds His Town Burned, Wives Kidnapped
8 David Recovers Israelis & Kills Kidnappers
21 David Showers Generosity On All, Even Cowards
1st Samuel 31
1 The Pagan Army Kills Saul & His 3 Sons

2nd Samuel

2nd Samuel 1
1 David Murders Saul's Self-Styled “Killer”
17 David Sings A Death Dirge For Saul & Jonathan
2nd Samuel 2
1YAH Tells David To Move To Hebron
4 The Judeans Crown David King
8 Northern Tribes Of Israel Rebel Against David
12 He-Man Gladiatorial Massacre Sparks Civil War
18 General Abner Murders General Joab's Teen-Bro
25 Israeli General Abner Forges A Fragile Peace
2nd Samuel 3
1 Loving David's Many Wives Birth Him Many Sons
6 Northern General Abner Revolts To Join David
22 Judean Gen. Joab Murders Israeli Gen. Abner
2nd Samuel 4
1 Wicked King Ish-Bosheth's Captains Murder Him
8 King David Kills His Enemy King's Assassins
2nd Samuel 5
1 King David Reigns Over United Israel
6 King David Seizes Jerusalem From Pagans
10 David Grows To Be A Mighty King
13 Lustful King David Impregnates Too Many Women
17 The Philistines Attack David's Judea
22 Again Praise-Power Defeats Philistine Armies
2nd Samuel 6
1 David Starts To Bring The Ark To Jerusalem
6 Uzzah Grabs The Ark & Dies
9 Terrified King David Re-Locates The Ark
14 David Dances Like A Wildman In His Underwear
20 David's Wife Gripes At Him For Wild-Praising
21 King David Ditches His Praise-Hating Nag-Wife
2nd Samuel 7
1 King David Plans To Build A Temple
4 YAH Refuses To Let David Build Him A Temple
12 Nathan Predicts The Messiah And His Kingdom
17 David Praises YAH For Promising Him A Dynasty
2nd Samuel 8
1 King David Defeats Many Surrounding Enemies
7 King David Seizes Treasures For Priestly Work
14 King David Reigns Over The Promised Land
2nd Samuel 9
1 David Provides For Saul's Son (Mephibosheth)
2nd Samuel 10
1 Snake-Hiss's Son Humiliates David's Envoys
6 Ammonites Hire Syrian Armies To Attack Israel
13 Israel Gores A Syrian/Ammonite Terrorist Army
2nd Samuel 11
1 Peeping-Tom Warlord David Commits Adultery
14 King David Kills His Pregnant Lover's Husband
26 David Marries The Wife Of His Murder Victim
2nd Samuel 12
1 Nathan The Prophet Busts Murderer King David
24 David's New Queen Bath-Sheba Births Solomon
26David & Joab Defeat The Inbred Spawn Of Ammon
2nd Samuel 13
1 King David's Son Amnon Rapes His Sister Tamar
22 Absalom Revenge-Kills His Rapist-Brother
2nd Samuel 14
1 Joab Pays A Widow To Fake Out King David
21 The Widow Moves David To Repatriate Absalom
25 Absalom & David Live Estranged, Separated
28 Prince Absalom And King David Finally Reunite
2nd Samuel 15
1 Absalom Starts His Conspiracy Against David
13 King David Flees Jerusalem To Avoid Bloodshed
2nd Samuel 16
1 Saul's Crippled Grandson Betrays King David
5 David Refuses To Harm His Cursing Attacker
15 David's Spy 'Hasty' Fakes Loyalty To Absalom
20 Prince Absalom Beds His Dad's 10 Concubines
2nd Samuel 17
1 Slime-Brother Smartly Plots To Kill David
5 Hasty Hushai Foils Slimy's Assassination Plot
15 Hasty Sends Spy-Priests To Warn King David
22 David & His Friends Cross The Jordan River
25Rebel Absalom Mounts His Shock & Awe Campaign
27King David's Allies Bring Him Food Supplies
2nd Samuel 18
1 King David Organizes His Loyal Defenders
6 David's Allies Slaughter 20000 Rebel Killers
9 Absalom Gets His Pretty Hair Caught In A Tree
14 Gen. Joab Assassinates Rebel Prince Absalom
16General Joab's Trumpet Ceases The Fighting
17 General Joab's Men Bury Dead Prince Absalom
18Flashback To Absalom's Building His Obelisk
19The Young Priest Runs To Tell King David
2nd Samuel 19
1 Joab Shames David Into Acting Like A King
16 Loving King David Forgives His Enemies
41 Wicked Northern Israel Starts Their Rebellion
2nd Samuel 20
1 Sheba Incites North Israel To Rebel vs David
3 David Turns His 10 Concubines Into Celibates
4 King David Mounts Judea's Counter-Rebellion
8 General Joab Murders His Rival (Amasa)
13 General Joab Gets Sheba The Rebel Beheaded
23 King David Re-Organizes His Judean Government
2nd Samuel 21
1 David Repents Of Mass-Murder To Stop A Famine
15 Another Giant Nearly Murders King David
18 Judea Battles More Philistine Mutant Giants
2nd Samuel 22
1 King David's Song of Deliverance
2nd Samuel 23
1 King David's Last Song
8 A List Of King David's Mighty Men
2nd Samuel 24
1David Institutes A National ID Number System
10 YHVH Punishes Israelis For Getting ID Numbers
18David Builds An Altar To Cook Sacred Feasts

1st Kings

1st Kings 1
1 Old Worn-Out David Sleeps With A Young Beauty
5 AdoniJah Tries To Steal The Throne From David
11 Nathan & Bathsheba Get David To Crown Solomon
1st Kings 2
1 David Leaves His Final Assassination Orders
10 Loving King David Dies
13 AdoniJah Tries To Bed King David's Last Girl
22 Solomon Assassinates His Bad Brother AdoniJah
28 Solomon Assassinates Rebel General Joab
36 King Solomon Assassinates Famous Rebel Shimei
1st Kings 3
1 Solomon Starts Sliding Into Pagan Fornication
5 Solomon Asks for Wisdom In A Dream-Vision
16 Two Whores Fight Over A Kidnapped Baby
23 King Solomon Figures Out Which Whore Is Lying
1st Kings 4
1 A List Of Solomon's Subordinate Leaders
20 Israel Flourishes Under Solomon's Leadership
29 Solomon Becomes The Smartest Human In History
1st Kings 5
1 King Solomon Buys Temple Building Supplies
13 Solomon's Workers Start Building The Temple
1st Kings 6
1King Solomon Builds YAH's Temple In Jerusalem
1st Kings 7
1King Solomon Builds His Royal Palace
13Hiram Makes More Furnishings For YAH's Temple
1st Kings 8
1King Solomon Brings The Ark Into the Temple
12Solomon Prays Inside The Supernatural Cloud
62King Solomon Throws An Unprecedented Feast
1st Kings 9
1 Yah Makes A Covenant With King Solomon
10King Hiram Feels Short-Changed By Solomon
15 Record of Solomon's Construction Labor Force
1st Kings 10
1 The Queen of Sheba Visits King Solomon
11 Solomon Amasses Even More Incredible Riches
1st Kings 11
1 King Solomon Falls Into Polygamy & Idolatry
9 YAH Punishes King Solomon With War
15Flashback: The Rise Of Fierce Hadad
26Builder Jeroboam Rebels Against King Solomon
41King Solomon, History's Shrewdest Brain, Dies
1st Kings 12
1Jeroboam Tries To Make Peace With Rehoboam
6 Rehoboam Takes Advice From His Brat-Friends
16 Jeroboam Rips Northern Israel Away From Judah
21YAH Stops King Rehoboam's Counter-Rebellion
26 Jeroboam Leads Northern Israel Into Idolatry
1st Kings 13
1 A Mystery Prophet Warns Of Human Sacrifice
7The Mystery Prophet Dies For Disobeying YAH
33 Jeroboam Refuses To Stop Polluting Judaism
1st Kings 14
1Wicked Israeli King Jeroboam's Best Son Dies
21King Rehoboam Reigns Wickedly Over Judea
1st Kings 15
1Sea-Father Reigns In Wickedness over Judea
9Good King Asa Stabilizes Judea
16Evil North Israeli King Stink Attacks Judea
25Bad King Nadab Drags Northern Israel Into Sin
29King Asa Exterminates Jeroboam's Evil Dynasty
1st Kings 16
1Prophet Jahu Predicts King Stinky's Demise
6 King Stink's Son Elah Takes Stink's Throne
8Captain Zimri Kills King Stink's Son, Elah
16General Omri Seizes Power From Captain Zimri
29 Omri's Wicked Imp King Ahab Drags Israel Down
1st Kings 17
1 Elijah Prays for Drought To Punish Israel
3 Ravens Feed Homeless Hunted Prophet ELiJah
7 EliJah Goes To Live With A Foreign Widow
10 EliJah Asks A Widow To Give Up Her Last Meal
15 YAH Provides Miracle Daily Food For The Widow
17 The Widow's Son Apparently Dies
19 EliJah Heals / Resurrects The Widow's Boy
1st Kings 18
1 YAH Sends Prophet Elijah To Killer King Ahab
3 Evil King Ahab Sends ObadYah To Find Water
7 ObadYah Risks Death To Summon Evil King Ahab
16 Evil King Ahab Confronts True Prophet EliJah
19 EliJah Summons Baal's Prophets To A Showdown
26 N. Israel's Demon-Prophets Fail To Rouse Baal
30 ELiJah Prepares Altar For A Sacred Fire-Show
38 EliJah's Prayer Shoots Fire Down From Heaven
41 YAH Sends Rain To End Israel's Drought
1st Kings 19
1 Evil Queen Jezebel Swears To Murder EliJah
3 EliJah Runs And Prays To Die In The Desert
4 An Angel Feeds EliJah For His 40 Day Fast/Run
8 YAH Meets EliJah On Mount Sinai
11 YAH Sends A Hurricane, Earthquake & Fire
19 The Prophet EliJah Teams Up With EliSha
1st Kings 20
1 Syrian Dictator Ben-Hadad Attacks Samaria
14 YAH Empowers Evil Ahab To Defeat An Empire
22The Syrian Empire Returns To Fight Ahab Again
28 Yah Helps Evil North Israel Rout Evil Syria
35 A Prophet Makes His Fellow Punch His Face
38 Prophet Busts Ahab For Colluding With Pagans
1st Kings 21
1 King Ahab Lusts For Fruit-Man's Family Farm
8 Queen Jezebel Engineers Fruit-Man's Murder
11 Fruit-Man's Neighbors Murder Him For Jezebel
17 EliJah Condemns Ahab's Dynasty To Destruction
27 Evil King Ahab Repents
1st Kings 22
1 North Israel & Judea Re-Unite To Fight Syria
5 Israel's False Prophets Predict War Victory
8 MicaYah Warns Ahab That He'll Be Massacred
19 YAH Allows A Lying Spirit To Deceive Ahab
24 A ‘Prophet’ Punches (& Ahab Arrests) MicaYah
29 Blind Israel & Judea Fight The Syrian Empire
34 A Syrian Archer-Soldier Kills Evil King Ahab
41 King JAHoshaphat Rules Judah In Righteousness
51 King AhaziYah Continues Ahab's Legacy Of Sin

2nd Kings

2nd Kings 1
1 Moab Rebels Against Its Master-Nation Israel
2 Evil King Ahaziah Falls & Seeks Demon-Healing
3 EliJAH Utters King Ahaziah's Death Sentence
9 EliJAH Fries Evil Israel's Royal Battalion
11 EliJAH Fries A 2nd 50-man Royal Battalion
13 Captain #3, A Future Prophet, Bows To ELiJAH
15 EliJAH Sentences King Ahaziah To Death
17 Brokefoot Satanist King AhaziYah Dies
2nd Kings 2
1 EliShua Follows EliJah On His Final Journeys
7 ELiJah Parts A River; He Walks On Dry Ground
9 EliSha Begs For Double Of EliJah's Spirit
11 ELiJah Sky-Rides On A ‘Chariot Of Fire’
14 The Prophet EliShua Parts The Jordan River
19 EliShua Heals Jericho's Polluted Water Supply
23 EliShua Sends Attack-Bears To Kill Rude Thugs
2nd Kings 3
1 Ahab's Brat JAHoram Reigns Over North Israel
4 Moab Rebels Against Slave-Master Israel
6 King JAHoram Joins Judah's King To Fight Moab
9 United Israel's Armies Run Out Of Water
11 JAHoshaphat Summons ELiShua To Make Water
20 The Desert Valley Fills With Mystery Water
22 Moabites Attack, Thinking Red Water Is Blood
24 United Israel Massacres The Moabite Hordes
2nd Kings 4
1 EliShua Multiplies The Widow's Olive Oil
8 Elisha Moves In With A Family In Quiet-Town
11 ELiSha Gives An Infertile Lady A Miracle Baby
18 The Miracle Child Dies Of A Brain-Hemorrhage
21 The Mother Of The Dead Boy Fails To Find Help
32 The Prophet EliShua Resurrects The Dead Boy
38 Elishua De-Toxifies Poison Soup In A Famine
42 EliShua Multiplies Food During A Famine
2nd Kings 5
1 Syria's “Sweet” Army General Gets Leprosy
5 Syrian General Runs To Israel's King For Cure
8 EliShua Sends Instructions For Faith-Healing
11 Snubbed, The 'Sweet' General Flies Into Rage
13 'Sweet' General Submits, Dips, & Gets Healed
15 Prophet EliShua Refuses The General's Fortune
17 The Sweet Syrian General Repents Of Idolatry
20 ELishua's Helper Gets Into The Religion-Biz'
25 EliShua Curses His Greedy Helper With Leprosy
2nd Kings 6
1 Elisha's Prophets Make Jordan River Monastery
5 Elisha Miraculously Floats an Ax-Head
8 ELiShua Ruins Syria's War-Maneuvers
15 Angels Save ELiShua From Syria's Army
18 EliShua Strikes The Syrian Army Blind
21 EliShua Teaches The King To Feed His Enemies
24 Syria's Embargo Makes Israelis Eat Their Kids
31 Israel's Evil King Attempts To Murder ELiShua
2nd Kings 7
1 The Big General Laughs At Elisha's Prophecy
3 4 Lepers Defect To Surrender To The Syrians
6 YHVH Scares Off Syria's Army With War-Noise
8 The Lepers Plunder The Abandoned Syrian Camp
9 Lepers Tell The Israelis ‘The Siege Is Over!’
12 Israeli Mobs Loot The Empty Syrian War-Camp
17 The Crowds Trample Their Big Doubting General
2nd Kings 8
1 ELisha Saves Quiet-Town Lady From Famine
3 The King Gives The Rich Lady Back her Land
7 EliSha Sees Ben-Hadad's Assassin's Future
14 HazaEl Assassinates Ben-Hadad King Of Syria
16 Evil King JAHoram Reigns Over Judea
20 The Edomite Southland Revolts Against Judah
23 Judah's Evil King JAHoram Dies
25 Judah's Evil King AhaziYah Reigns For 1 Year
28 JAHoram Gets Shot Attacking Syria w/ AhaziYah
2nd Kings 9
1 A Prophet Anoints Captain JAHu King Of Israel
11 JAHu Rips Northern Israel From King JAHoram
27 Jehu Assassinates Judah's Evil King AhaziYah
30 Jahu Assassinates The Demon-Witch Jezebel!
2nd Kings 10
1 JAHu Massacres Everyone Related To Evil Ahab
6 Samaria's Leaders Decapitate Ahab's 70 Sons
12 JAHu Murders The Relatives Of Judah's King
18 JAHu Massacres All Israel's Baal-Worshippers
29 JAHu Falls Into Idolatry
32 Foreign Armies Slice Off Parts Of Israel
34 Brutal Warrior-King JAHu Dies
2nd Kings 11
1 Queen-Mother Athaliah Murders All Her Princes
2 The King's Sister Rescues The Dying Baby-King
4 The Priest Conspires To Kill The Queen Mother
9 The Priest's Forces Enthrone The Boy-King
13 Judea's Soldiers Assassinate The Queen-Mother
2nd Kings 12
1 Judea's Boy-King Joash Reigns Well
6 Joash Takes Command Of The Temple Repairs
17 Syria's King Attacks; Joash Buys His Retreat
19 JAHoash's Servants Conspire & Murder Him
2nd Kings 13
1 Evil Jehoahaz Plunges North Israel Into Sin
10 An Evil King Joash Dominates Northern Israel
12 Northern Israel's Evil King Joash Dies
14 Dying ELisha Predicts A Win For King Joash
21 A Dead Man Touches ELisha's Bones & Lives!
2nd Kings 14
1 King Amaziah Rules Judah In Righteousness
8 AmaziYah Tries To Recapture North Israel
11 Northern Israel Thrashes & Pillages Jerusalem
17 Judea’s Good King AmaziYah Dies, Assassinated
21 Good Teen King AzariYah Reigns Over Judea
23 Evil King Jeroboam2 Leads North Israel To Sin
25 YAH Uses Evil Jeroboam To Ease Israel's Pain
2nd Kings 15
1 Azariah Reigns In Righteousness Over Judah
4 Arrogant AzariYah Gets Leprosy!
8 Evil ZachariYah Rules N. Israel For 6 Months
10 Mr. Payback Assassinates Bad King ZachariYah
14 Menahem Assassinates Mr. Payback
16 King Menahem Restricts Travel & Aborts Babies
19 Menaham Taxes Israel To Avert War With Syria
22 PekahYah Begin His Evil Reign Over N. Israel
25 Captain Pekah Assassinates King PekahYAH
29 The Assyrian Empire Enslaves North Israel
30 Hoshea Conspires And Assassinates Pekah
32 Good King JAHtham Reigns Over Judea
2nd Kings 16
1 King Ahaz Reigns In Wickedness Over Judea
5 Rezin & Pekah Attack King Ahaz's Judah
7 Ahaz Pays Assyria To Rescue Judah From Syria
10 Ahaz Copies A Syrian Pagan Sacrifice Altar
14 Ahaz Makes More Unholy Temple Modifications
19 Judea's Evil King Ahaz Dies [YAY!]
2nd Kings 17
1 Hoshea (North Israel's Last King) Takes Reign
3 The Assyrian Empire Besieges North Israel
6 Assyrians Haul North Israel Into Captivity
8 Why Assyria Invaded: Israel Hated YHVH
24 Foreign Pagan Nations Occupy Samaria
26 A Priest Partially Converts Israel's Pagans
29 The Beast-Nationals Refuse To Follow YAH
2nd Kings 18
1 Good King HezekiYAH Reforms Judea
9 Emperor Sennacherib Captures Northern Israel
13 Assyria's Armies March To Attack Jerusalem
14 King Hezekiah Tries But Fails To Buy Peace
17 Assyria's Generals Threaten To Destroy Judea
2nd Kings 19
1 HezekYAH's Officials Tell Him The Threats
14 Hezekiah Begs Yah To Evict The Assyrian Army
20 YAH Dooms Emperor Sennacherib Of Assyria
35 YAH's Angel Massacres 185K Assyrian Soldiers!
36 King Sennacherib Retreats His Army From Judea
37 Emperor Sennacherib's Sons Assassinate Him
2nd Kings 20
1 Judea's Good King Hezekiah Falls Deathly Ill
5 YAH Supernaturally Heals King HezekYAH
8 YAH Makes The Sun Go Backwards!
12 Hezekiah Foolishly Displays His Treasures
14 Isaiah Predicts Judea's Castration & Bondage
20 Judea's Good But Gullible King Hezekiah Dies
2nd Kings 21
1 King Hezekiah's Brat Manasseh Reigns Wickedly
10 YAH Decrees A Total Fire-Purge For Judea
17 Evil King Manasseh Dies (Good Riddance!)
19 King Amon, Skilled In Evil, Terrorizes Judea
23 Evil King Amon's Servants Assassinate Him
2nd Kings 22
1 Evil Amon's Son (King Josiah) Reigns Rightly
3 King Josiah Prepares To Repair YAH's Temple
8 Hilkiah Finds The Lost Book of YAH's Law
10 King JosiYah Reads YAH's Law, Then Repents
14 The Glider-Prophetess Foretells Judea's Doom
18 YHVH Rewards King Josiah's Humble Repentance
2nd Kings 23
1 Josiah Convenes Judea's Elders For Repentance
4 King Josiah Destroys Judea's Occult Idols
21 Josiah Celebrates The All-Time Great Passover
29 Pharaoh Assassinates Good King JosiYAH
33 Pharaoh Taxes Judea & Imprisons Its King
2nd Kings 24
1 King Jehoiakim Rebels Against Nebuchadnezzar
8 Brat-King JeconYah Takes Judah's Throne
10 Nebuchadnezzar Exiles Jehoiachim To Babylon
18Nebuchadnezzar Makes Zedekiah King in Judea
2nd Kings 25
1 Emperor Nebuchadnezzar Besieges Jerusalem
4 Jerusalem's King & People Flee The City
5 Nebuchadnezzar Murders Judea's Princes
8 Gen. Nebuzar-Adan Captures & Burns Jerusalem
11 General NebuzarAdan Enslaves The Judeans
13 General Nebuzaradan Pillages YAH's Temple
19 NebuzarAdan Enslaves Judea's Top Leaders
21 Nebuchadnezzar Murders Judah's Top Leaders
23 Governor GedaliYAH Quells A Judean Revolt
25 Jew-Terrorists Assassinate Peaceful GedaliYah
27 Babylon's Emperor Releases Judea's Slave-King

1st Chronicles

1st Chronicles 1
1Genealogies Of The Israelites
1st Chronicles 2
1A Review Of Israel's Genealogy
1st Chronicles 3
1A List Of King David's Genealogy
10A List Of Solomon's Descendants
1st Chronicles 4
1A List Of Judah's Geneaology
5Asher's Genealogy
9 The Prayer Of Jabez
11Caleb's Genealogy
21Shelah's Genealogy
24Simeon's Genealogy
39Simeon's Descendants Massacre The Pastureland
1st Chronicles 5
1Reuben (The Pervert's) Pre-Exile Genealogy
11Gad's Descendants
18Reuben, Gad & Manasseh's Anti-Arab War
23Manasseh's Genealogy
1st Chronicles 6
1A List Of Levi's Genealogy
3Lineage Of Israelite Priests (Pre-Captivity)
17Gershom, Kohath & Merari's Genealogies
31Genealogies Of David's Musician/Singers
49Genealogy of Aaron, The Original High Priest
54The Tribes Donate Many Cities To Ministry
1st Chronicles 7
1A Genealogy Of The Tribe Of Issachar
6The Genealogy Of The Tribe Of Benjamin
13A List Of The Sons Of Naphtali [Wrestler]