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Screenplay Synopsis (2)

Cheer UP!High SchoolPG

NonFiction (6)

About The Cinematic BibleBiblicalG
The Kingdom Of YHWHBiblicalG
Why I'm No Longer A MormonChurchG
Finding And Keeping Your Creative SoulMusicG
The Music Monastery (El Monasterio De La Musica)3rd WorldG

Short Story (1)

You Don't Know Who I AmElementary SchoolG

Novel (1)

Genie's Life Story: The Search For PeaceMusicPG

Research (5)

Killing The Cancer of Worship LicensingLegalG
On The Sacred Name of YHVH and YahshuaSupernaturalG
All Commands of Yahshua (Jesus)BiblicalG
Balanced TheologyChurchG
On Peacemaking (was On Pacifism)WarG

Unpublished Screenplay (6)

The Songs Of DavidBiblicalPG
Glitter & Bright-EyesBiblicalPG
Useless (Bad Slave)BiblicalPG

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