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Screenplay Synopsis (1)

The SongMaster (aka The One-Minute Songwriter)MusicPG

Short Screenplay (2)

*Hot Fox In A BoxFarmG
The Box: A 1 Minute History of Human LifeSupernaturalG

Web App (4)

How To Display Screenplays On The WebG
Storyboard Animatic PlayerG
Reading & Math Typing GameG
About Troy & Genie's Media Review SystemG

NonFiction (17)

*The 10 Commandments Of ScreenWritingMovie BizG
About The Cinematic BibleBiblicalG
Money Secrets Of JesusEconomicsG
How To Market Your Creative WorkMusicG
Independent Media Internship GuidelinesG
The Kingdom Of YHWHBiblicalG
How To Solve The 'Contradictions' In Your BibleChurchG
Rapid Script DevelopmentMovie BizG
Father-Led Home EducationElementary SchoolPG
Genie's JourneyG
How To Make Expensive-Looking MoviesMovie BizG
SELL TO YOUR MEDIA BUYER as your Media Buyer Wants you to sell toMovie BizG
Finding And Keeping Your Creative SoulMusicG
Knowledge BaseMusicG
The 10 Laws Of Producing Motion PicturesG
Life Story Bios & ScrapsMusicG

Short Story (1)

*What Came Out Of My ButtElementary SchoolPG

Research (13)

*On MusicMusicG
On "Church-ianity": The Whore On The Back Of The BeastChurchG
Killing The Cancer of Worship LicensingLegalG
The RansomSuper-HeroG
On Marriage and DivorceMarriageG
On HealthMedicalPG
Balanced TheologyChurchG
On Peacemaking (was On Pacifism)WarG
FrogPot.ComCorporate LeadershipG
On The Two Governments (YAH's and Man's)PoliticalG
How To Avoid Legal TrapsLegalG
About The BibleWar DatabaseWarPG
A Monotheistic Interpretation of the Trinity DoctrineChurchG

For-Sale (1)

Other Music GearMusicG

Unpublished Screenplay (2)

Sprout (aka Bud/ Branch)BiblicalG
The Man At The Fork In The RiverSupernaturalG

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