NonFiction ~~- The Kingdom Of YHWH

Two Gospels, one Real and One Fake

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The false gospel is the one most if not all churches teach.
When you accept this false gospel you leave YHWH's Law and His Protection, and enter the protection of and the subjection to the Roman/Babylonian Civil Law.

There are two Gospels, Each Frees You From one Law and Subjects You To Another Law

Leave One Law, You Go To The Other

(the real Gospel)

The Death of Yahshuah frees you from the Worldly Law.

You are reborn into the Kingdom of Heaven where you only are bound to YHWH's Law of Charity.

Government-registered churches (like the U.S. 501c3 harlots) reject this true gospel.

Not really good news

You are freed from YHWH's Law by the Death of Sun God's Son (Tammuz, signified by the 'Cross' sign)

You are then free to be a normal citizen of the world's Kingdoms (Controlled by Caesar and Owned By Satan)

Ezekiel 20:25 describes this trick gospel as YHWH giving over those who repeatedly reject His Law to a bad law that brings death.

Churches teach this gospel, using butchered misrepresentations of Paul's writings.