Screenplay ~~- Rodeo Polo

Smiley Saves Lil' GunShot. But The Horse dies

Death 681 Characters =~0.7Min. Reading Time
Out in the street, Smiley sees Lil' GunShot on the bucking horse atop a hill.
Lil' GunShot wails, screams, flails on the wild horse.

Hang on, 'Gunshot!

Smiley runs to the top of the hill... too late:

Lil' GunShot flies the wild horse over the cliff.

Smiley runs.
He peers over the cliff.

He sees the horse down on the valley below, dead.
Smiley turns his head in grief.
Smiley hears Lil' GunShot whimper.
Smiley looks over the cliff:
Bleeding Lil' GunShot hangs onto a tree root.
Smiley rips off his cowboy belt.
He uses the belt to pull Lil' GunShot up onto the ledge.

Smiley runs back down the hill toward the church, carrying Lil' GunShot.