Elementary School Writings

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NonFiction (1)

Father-Led Home EducationElementary SchoolPG

Short Story (3)

*What Came Out Of My ButtElementary SchoolPG
The Golden BrainElementary SchoolG
You Don't Know Who I AmElementary SchoolG

Unpublished Screenplay (11)

Making BabiesElementary SchoolG
I Eat ChildrenElementary SchoolG
ArithmoManiaElementary SchoolG
BatElementary SchoolPG13
RatAtakElementary SchoolPG
BRATElementary SchoolPG
A.D.D.Elementary SchoolPG
FidgetElementary SchoolG
The Young MarinesElementary SchoolPG
My White ParentsElementary SchoolPG
BullyCideElementary SchoolPG

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