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Ed Kee

Ed has lived in Franklin, Tennessee; Brentwood, Tennessee; Nashville, Tennessee.

Ed is a friend of Troy & Genie.

Brentwood Music is Ed's Company (which employs).

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Ed says:
"Speechless- WOW! What a great collection of music! ... an awesome experience. I loved it. The songs are first rate and the production is excellent" Ed Kee- Director of A&R / Executive Producer- Brentwood / Provident Music

Ed likes this project.

Ed says:
exceptionally well done record... Absolutely nothing jumped out at me as being odd or out of balance...I was very impressed with the production. a great record - ED KEE

Ed likes this project.

*Ed is a Music Minister
*Ed is a PianistChurch music
*Ed is a Music Producer
*Ed is a Recording Executive
*Ed is a Music Publisher
Ed is a Music Business-Person