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Alyssa Capillo

Alyssa is an acquaintance of Troy & Genie.

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Alyssa says:
I feel like I'm in a middle of a pure and perfect place when I listen to the Wildflowers CD. Genie is an amazing singer who expresses her feelings against hate, violence, and abuse in songs such as "Quiet Place": "In this quiet place away from all the hate/ Where all this pure and all this light..." Genie has also given away more than $2 million in media packages with the Media Misson to the needy and hurting of the world, and her big heart shows through these songs. Although Genie has a gorgeous voice, she suffers from migranes, endometroisis, and a disorder that causes horrible joint and muscle pain. I have never heard such an enticing voice with such heavenly music - you can't even tell how much pain she's in. I felt so relaxed and calm when I listened to this CD, and especially when I listened to the instrumental song, "Sailing Angel". Genie is truly spectacular singer and I urge everyone to listen to her music.

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