Alexander (29 images)

A very happy crippled Spanish boy we loveMeet the neighborsWalls soon to collapseYour new Bathroom!HuggingWaving, ecstatic for visitorsHe'd be Jumping for Joy if He Could Jumphand on headSmiling pantsless brotherNever walked but, he's happier than youWave Your hands in the air... wave em like u just don't carehuggingHugging in the shackHappy crippled boy1st 3-D designSwinging homeless mennoniteIn the mennonite metalshopBroken AxleNew AxleCross-eyed measuringSewingCutting the Fabric for the wheel bedThe wheels Work!Entering the Newly Rebuilt HouseLifting Crippled BoyHe Tests The BedSuccess!Smile of ThanksShaking Hand