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The 1999 Church Mystery Inspirational PG

The Moment After

By David A. R. White, Wes Llewellyn, Kevin Downes, Amanda Llewellyn

brain rating


"PROs: Delves into themes related to the Mark of the Beast, theories about the rapture, global socialism, etc. Clarifies that the census is integral to global slavery. Good production for its tiny micro budget. Selfless donated steadicam work by Ron Baldwin. Thematically similar to Six.

CONs: Very low budget. Unimaginative cinematography. The music is barely sketched-in.
The writing leaves much to be desired.
Reinforces some misconceptions about what makes a disciple of Christ. For instance, all of the 'vanished chosen' are people living in comfortable suburban homes. In reality, the Messiah said that you can't even be his disciple unless you give up everything you have.
The film leads people to believe that the Mark of the Beast is yet to be implemented, when it has in fact been in force for decades."

heart rating

OK 6.0

β€œClean enough to show to families.”


out of 10

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