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The 2003 Dystopia Drama Tragedy PG

Six: The Mark Unleashed

By Kevin Downes, Chipper Lowell, David A. R. White, Cosimo Michael O

brain rating

Has some Respectable elements 6.0

"PROs: Explores very important themes. The symphonic bits of the music score are pretty good. The scriptwriters were brave enough to include some doubters' perspectives. Includes some good scripture quotations. The acting and production are ok given the low budget.

CONs: The script wanders between too many characters and locations, as if that would help. As usual, more is less. Some product placement.
Peppered with horrid cheesy electronic music score segments.
The initially elevated premise frequently devolves into silly arguments, dumb retorts, and car chases.
The movie perpetuates Tim Lahaye's Hollywood "Left behind" movie-style eschatology.
It ignores the fact that national ID numbers (Social Insurance / Social Security Numbers) already fulfill the essential symbolic criteria of the "Mark Of The Beast".
A lot of the script's time is spent turning Sunday school lessons into talky jail-cell arguments. An improvement, but still action-deprived.
The movie was clearly written by committee, with each stakeholder throwing in nice personal contributions, with too little attention given to the overall dramatic thrust.
Perpetuates typical unbiblical nonsense like conscious eternal torment (3+ times) and essentially that "Jesus = Yahweh" (one time).
The ending is a Deus Ex Machina: the prophet figure steps in and waves the protagonists' problems away, then whisks the Christians to an idyllic mountain church retreat that somehow global satellites can't see.
All the movie's serious problems are in the writing."

heart rating

OK 6.0

β€œThis movie provides good (yet highly debatable) food for thought regarding end times persecution.
Some scenes are too stressful for little children. Others are long and talky.
Some brief violence. No sex. No profanity.”


out of 10

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