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The 1989 War Action Drama R

Born On The 4th Of July

Title Analysis War
By Oliver Stone, Tom Cruise, John Williams, Ron Kovic

brain ratingGreat


"Strong, tragic, convincing anti-war take on Vietnam. Unforgettable. Many parts of the movie, especially the incredible 1st act, demonstrate amazing, flawless direction, perfectly balancing realism and artfulness. Direction simply doesn't get any better than this. Aside from some scenes that bog down in [profane] dialog, the film is a master-class in film-making technique. The film is a sledgehammer-knockout argument for using the opening credits to expose the protagonist's back-story.
It's really a shame that Oliver chose to use so much profanity and gruesome gore in the film, because otherwise it would be a great anti-war primer for young people.
The movie ends with the implication that voting a more liberal party into office would fix the U.S. In reality, the U.S. has been following the rest of the world into debt-crippled de-facto Communism for over a century. America's problems are caused by the insanity in the heart of mankind. They cannot be fixed by any political band-aid."
heart ratingGood


"Full of superb film-making with a powerful message, but inexcusably filled with harsh profanity. The film vacillates between being a powerful morality tale, and being extremely pornographic, violent and depressing. The first act, however, is clean and bright, and perfectly executed on every level."


out of 10

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