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Heaven Knows

Author: Genie
Luke 16:15 God knows your hearts.
2Cor. 12:2 I do not know --God knows.
Rom. 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

VERSE: When nobody can bridge the distance
To the island (shipwreck) you're stranded on
Torn and tired left abandonded
Haven't felt a warm hand for so long
When the world gives a silent shunning ( and you feel the cold winds blow)
While you cry to be understood
Know (see your rescuer coming running to make it good To work all things (it) together for good

Heaven knows every tear your crying
Heaven knows every secret pain (every inner, bitter, burning, and He feels your)
Heaven knows everything you're hiding (fear) (secret) (sin)
Heaven says don't be afraid he tells you says don't be afraid- You're not alone, Heaven Knows

VERSE 2: When your map gives no direction
All you hear is the counsel of (fools) lies (when wicked counselors lie)
When) It's terribly hard to believe in (unbearably)
(A) Some wonderful plan for your life
When the world's prized advice is goes bankrupt (empty) Pricey, best
And your best laid plans are laid low
You can trust (Put your stock) in the God of Heaven
Put your heart in the Hand of Wisdom (Knowledge)
For heaven knows which way to go

CHORUS 2: TAG When the snows fall & crush fall upon cover up your roses (garden)
When the winds blow upon your way
Heaven knows and He holds you closely you're not alone

BRIDGE: (This) constant struggle your anguish and your pain
The fellowship of suffering in the ancient walk of shame
The torture of the martytrs the nails we get to share
God has promised us it won't be more than we can bear

Heaven knows what it's like to suffer
To (sink under) bear the weight of unmerited shame
and to respond with the heart of a lover's forgiveness & grace


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