Deep Songs

Across The Sea

Author: Genie
Across the sea they speak a different language
Across the sea the children run from school
Across the sea the water spirals backwards
Across the sea their houses look so small

CHORUS: Across the sea
Sail away and you will see

Across the sea mothers love their children
Fathers work to feed their families
we might think they wear such funny clothing (so funny lookin')
But naked they look just like you and me

CHORUS: Across the sea
Sail away________ (across the sea) and see

your mother's sons father's daughters
We are one on common waters
Everybody lives across the sea
somebody just like you and me
Everybody loves across the sea
somebody just like you or me

Across the sea they love (talk) beside the firelight (sweet love)
Sing and dance and laugh at funny songs (like this one)
Deep asleep they fly in dreams to heaven (sweet dreams)
and wake to work the world beneath the Bomb


TAG: Everybody needs somebody to love

Cruzar la mar
velar cruzado la mar
ve los hijos de tu papa
la hijas de tu madre
somos uno
en aguas comun
Todolos que vive lejos
tienen amor como tu y mi
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