Sacred Sky

Hawking's Song

Author: Genie
Which came first- the chicken or the egg?

Did the universe have a beginning?
What happened before the beginning?
How did the universe begin?
Where did the universe come from?
and where is it going?
How real is time?
Will it ever come to an end?
Where does the difference between the
past and the future come from?
Why do we remember the past and not the future?
Why do we and the universe exist?
Finding the answer would be the
ultimate triumph of human wisdom,
for then we would know the mind of YAH (God.)

Que fue antes del principio?
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Study Notes

Inspired by questions from Stephen Hawking's "A brief history Of Time."

FROM Sacred Sky

John La Grou LagrouStunning. More like this! There is no choir that can capture what you have created. I know you two have no interest in commercial success, and have already been down that road. But I sense there is far more in your future. Xns and pre-Xns alike long fo...
Melea J. BrockIt's beautiful. Absolutely a musical spiritual-philosophical lesson in about 6 minutes! I appreciate the opportunity to hear it...
Tim ChrisWOW...absolutely beautiful!!! reminds me of John Lennon or Late Beatles the atonality feel but still full of catchy rhythmic and melodic hooks.( like on the word 'remember') I adore classically influenced music of any use to be YES ...
Setrak SetrakianClean music with lovely and sweet singing voice.
Excellent compositions.