Troy & Genie's First Songs Together


Author: Genie
I'm not afraid of earthquakes anymore
I've felt my world rocking before
Our first night together
Heaven shook beneath our love
A dream I prayed to never die
But now I wake from sleeping with a lie
You play love like a game of fools
You break my heart and shake all my

They're all that's left of you
You paint a pretty picture
To cover up the Truth (I wish that you were true)
Betrayed by a mirage
I gave myself away
(Faked by a facade) / fell for the Facade (of your)
Oh my shattered illusions

I felt like I could float at your command
Hovering under tender sleight of hand
You're a great magician
I played your great trick
You disappeared like magic -
For some/a new victim to stick with your Illusions...


TAG: Illusions
You're an illusion
A beautiful illusion
See Study notes on Illusions

FROM Troy & Genie's First Songs Together