Wildflowers (Songs Of Love)

I'll Always Love You

Author: Genie
Theme: Devotion
I'll always love you
Now and forever
I'll always be near
I'll leave you never

You are my heartbeat
You are my sunlight
I'll always love you
Now and for all time
Siempre te amรก
ahora hasta eterna
Siempre estarรก
dejarte nunca
Eres mi corazon (heartbeat)
eres me sol (sunlight)

Why Genie wrote this touching song "I'll Always Love You" for YOU

Genie wrote this song for me, her husband. I'll always love you too, Genie. The first time Genie sang this for me, I cried for joy. Please sing "I'll always love you" to your spouse and children. It's even more meaningful when you sing it to your Creator.

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