Deep Songs

Sigmund Freud

Author: Troy Joy Comedy Show
Can you tell me what it means?
Why's she tearing up my dreams?
Why's she's stuck in me so deep?

Sigmund Freud
It's a puzzle I can't piece
Why she haunts me in my sleep?
I wish she'd let me dream in peace

My first true Love
My first French Kiss - sweet honey lips
Alive inside (I'm back in time)
Late at night - (invade) she rules my life

Sigmund Freud
Should I be hypmotized
Do I need Jesus Christ?
Or exorcism rites?

Sigmund Freud
What's this deep unfinished need?
Why'd I smoke too much weed?
Why'd she pull the plug on me?

You said that dreams
are telling me
what I (won't) can't see
So what's the deal?
How can I heal?
the way I feel?

Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud

Why Troy wrote this deep song "Sigmund Freud" for YOU

My intelligent Freshman girlfriend broke up with me because I only wanted make out with her then go smoke pot with my rock band. Have you ever felt like a girl kicked a hole in your chest? Psychological healing from Sigmund Freud was no help.

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Study Notes

Do I need (exercise) (to find the inner light)

I know we were just 16
did I take too many drugs?

trying to put it together

Sigmund Freud
Do you think that I'm deranged (insane)
got a pipe clogged in my brain'

or cause my parents got divorced?

I know dreams are telling me something
What are they trying to say?

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