Troy & Genie's First Songs Together


Author: Genie
I see Red in the fire of the sunset
I see Black on a moonless night

I see blue in the summer skies

And I'm spellbound by the magic all around me
I am dazzled by life's wonders.
I am captured by-
captured by the colors

I see white (I see white)
In a heart as pure as snowfall
I see grey as the innocence fades
I see red
in the passion of a romance
I see children dancing in the glowing yellow sunshine

Life is celebration

the wedding of time and energy
enchanted the loving hand of YAH the master painter
we dance with our creator
on ever-changing tapestries of color

I see blue in a young girls's eyes
And I see the blood red harvest moon in the harvest skies

See Study notes on Colors

FROM Troy & Genie's First Songs Together