Sacred Sky

When I Am Gone

Author: Troy Joy
Theme: Resurrection
When I am Gone
I'll travel on
I'll travel farther than the eagle flies
Soaring through the sacred sky

When I arrive
In YahWeh's eyes
I'll see the wisdom of the ends of time
and love that reaches out to say 'you're mine'

When I am gone
I'll break the bonds
that hold me chained to Earth
a slave to sin
but when I'm gone
I'll ride the wind-
I'll fly

to me death is a doorway
a bridge to what's beyond
a momentary pain

What will people remember about me?

When I am gone
Will I live on
within (inside) the hearts of those I leave behind
or Will I fade
like tears they cry (in their eyes)

Why Troy wrote this deep song "When I Am Gone" for YOU

At the time the "planes" hit the towers in New York, and we thought Genie was dying of cancer, we changed our whole lives and began to plan for our deaths. Not morbid, practical... and beyond death is real life!

FROM Sacred Sky