The Story Never Ends

Before And After

Author: Troy Joy
Theme: Marriage
Once upon a time
love was fleeting
All alone I cried for friend
Stumbling for a light in a dark world
Chasing selfish dreams to no end

Then came the day I met you
The first day of forever
the past seemed like a dream

(for) That was before you
Now this is after
You came into (opened up) my life
and wrote the missing chapter
Now I see history
Beginning with you and me
There is no past
Only before you
And after

Honestly you gave without wanting
Accepting me for who I'd come to be
A love transcending time and emotion
More faithful to me than the air I breathe

And now the nights of crying
have faded into memory
like watercolor dreams


You set my life to music
with your laughter
And I'm amazed when I see
the change you made in me
before and after

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