Troy & Genie's First Songs Together

Don't Flip the Dial

Author: Genie
Your refrigerator waits
With a jug of milk and a piece of cake
You say you've had a hard day
You say I'll be O.K.
But I wish instead of watching T.V.
You were working out a way for me
kneeling down to pray for me

Don't Flip the Dial
Don't fake a smile
Don't shut your eyes
Sympathize and stay a while with me
Don't flip the dial on me

I know I'm not what you want me to be
I know I'm not what you sat down to see
Do you think I too might like a drink?
Does it hurt too much to think
I'm a human just like you
My skin is black but my blood isn't blue
You and I are brothers
Do unto others


I wish there were agencies for me
I wish for every big-screen-T.V.
There was a sack of wheat to feed my family

You ask, "Who is my neighbor"
I'm the crazy man in your Sunday paper
I'm the indigent on church street
I'm the uninvited stranger on your TV screen
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FROM Troy & Genie's First Songs Together