The Story Never Ends

Would You Marry Me?

Author: Troy
Theme: Engagement
Would You Marry Me?
One little "yes" would carry me
on air balloons up to the moon
with you within my room

Would you marry me?

Would you marry me?
written not on station'ry
but scrawled upon the back
of a beat up paper sack
which I brought in with the eggs
and by the way I like your legs
So marry me...

We may not ever travel far
Your eyes may cease to shine like stars
But love comes from the heart

Would you marry me
and though this world just ain't for us
as long as we've got trust we'll ok
So marry me...
Marry me today
Cásate conmigo
mi reina coronada
mi jardin florecida
Mi cielo
Te adoro

Cásate conmigo
Sólo pienso en ti
¡Quiéreme o me muero!
mas bonita que todo el mundo

mi lucero
mi anhelo
mi vida
mi princesa

Tienes los ojos más bonitos del mundo

Eres tan linda como una flor
Voy a soñar contigo
Me encantas

Te casarías conmigo?
Te quieres casar conmigo?
Te gustaría casarte conmigo?
"te quieres casar con migo?"

que me lleva al mismo cielo
y a la tierra me regresa

"Te amo" / "Te quiero."

Perder la cabeza – fall madly in love, Eres una persona muy bonita, Estás muy linda, Cuando estoy contigo, estoy más feliz

Why Troy wrote this deep song "Would You Marry Me?" for YOU

Genie ran out to chase Brianna down the street. I ran into the studio to quickly record this song I'd scrawled on a paper sack. got down on my knees and sang this song to Genie... She said "Yes!" Then I surprised her: the song was on our first CD.

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