Developing Songs

The Builder (For Dad)

Author: Genie
You built me up and you never let me fall
You're the builder

You could fix anything
Even a broken heart
One little smile -( a laugh)
the tears would start to dry
You never touched me wrong
Loved even my silly songs
And after long sweaty days
you'd play our games
exhausted from the sun
Working like a dog to build richer people's dreams
But to us you were the King

You fought to say "I Love You"
But I didn't need you to
Every breath you breathed was singing love to me
You built our amazing home
Your hard hands were blood and bone
But you never raised your voice in anger
Like the man who broke your soul
but tough as life had built you - you were shaken on the day
you'd raised me- then you gave me away
Giving me away

You've got [that took] the strongest heart
But you're starting to fall apart
Beaten and battle-scarred, but you'll die with a smile
You've built so many friends
Death will not be your end
There in a better place you'll build a home
and wait for me a while

But if we live to build a milllion more eternities
I can never pay you back for building me
'cause in your life you've built so many
great amazing things
But I'm most thankful to you Dad for building me
But Daddy I love you for building me
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