Deep Songs

Trojan Horses

Author: Troy Joy Comedy Show
A song based on Jeremiah 6.

Trojan horses
Trojan Horses

Vanity of Vanities
Beneath the sun that's all I see
There's no one here to trust
All is meaningless

Peace they say but there's no peace
Deceit from greatest down to least
President to priest
Smiling lying thieves,
driving Trojan horses

Coffee Crack Smack Nicotine
Streaming Home Pornography
Designer babies
Political Parties

Country church with snakes inside
The 'Right' to Die by suicide
Pill pop Ecstasy
Strychnine LSD

- all just Trojan Horses

Fool me once shame you
fool me twice shame me -
Muslim Buddhist Christian Jew
Why should I trust you?

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