Troy & Genie's First Songs Together


Author: Genie
VERSE 1: I know you have called me
to be salt and light
Strengthening and shining in the night
But I keep pouring my salt into wounded lives
And shining searchlights into crying eyes

My advice
Can be the turning of the knife
I need your Spirit to guide me
To give me

(CHORUS:) Sensitivity
To see what people really need
Give me Sensitivity
Give me words to speak - Then silence me

VERSE 2: I know someone dying
for someone to care
In tenderness to listen without speaking
To bear the true confession
And denials too
And hug them when the words have lost all meaning

'cause everyday
A billion voices cry out loud
I am so lonely
Hold me
(So) Give me Sensitivity


BRIDGE: I don't know
No I don't know all the answers that I try to give
But I know I want to help the dying live
But my words will only heal the soul that bleeds
If you give me eyes to see
If you give me Sensitivity


See Study notes on SENSITIVITY

FROM Troy & Genie's First Songs Together