Deep Songs

Miss America Died

Author: Troy Joy Comedy Show
Miss America died today
Miss America cried
(By the dawn's early light)
Miss America jumped from the tower
and flapped her arms to fly
Tumbling down
(So gallantly streaming)
She mouthed, "I resign
I don't wanna live
as a sick sex symbol
of corporate crime"

"My death is no accident
They planned my demise
A slow murder
their newsies'll spin as a suicide"

Miss America died
Miss America
Missamerica Died
Miss America
Miss America Di___ed

She said, "This land is not your land
this land is not mine
Oh say can't you see
it's the home of the rich
rented out to the blind?"

"Democracy drowned in debt
for perpetual war
Greed made me a cheap Military-Industrial-Political whore
No more, no more!"

Miss America Died
Missamerica Died
Miss America
Miss America Di____ed

Miss America bit the dust
The babe bought the farm
She met her maker
and pray that he gave her more than her just reward

Go cry at her funeral
Shed a few million tears
For the children killed by the bombs
of her Empire of Fear

As my America died

My America
This America Died
(Land That I love)
Miss America
This America Died
Miss America Di____ed

Bye Bye Miss America

God bless America

whose broad smiles and white lies
through the prejudiced fight
Srta. AmΓ©rica muriΓ³
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