Protest Songs


Author: Troy
Theme: War
The pot called the kettle black
The (evil) axis had to be attacked (Kill the axis- attack!)
and the devil, he belly roll laughed
as the virgins shipped off to Iraq

See the coffins roll out of the planes
draped in the (red white and blue) flag of the US of A
The bankers behind the scenes
lighting up smiles of greed

Bomb, Bomb use up the bombs
Flatten the world like we trashed VietNam
Muzzle the brave, fake (play) the patriot act
So the virgins can die in Iraq


hear the weapons factories roar
see the new york stock prices soar
Prophets cry peace and people sigh, bored
In a world addicted to war

Blood from the lips of her gun-toting child

Beat the drums
blow the trumpets of war
Black smoke and blood on the nursery floor
Kill for the empire
suck up the oil
bring armageddon up to a boil
Watch the devil laugh
as the virgins lie down in Iraq

the terrocrats danced in the aisles
and the bank accounts bubbled with bribes

SIng praise, praise, praise to the war
Or we'll fire your ass
and tape up your foul mouth
SIng praise, praise, praise to the war
or we'll rape you and kill you
like we pummelled (ransacked) the South

War is blood sacrifice to Mammon/Moloch
Sacrifice your sons to Moloch
Make your son and daughter pass through the fire of the god of war
blood sacrifice to Moloch/Mammon

Depleted Uranium poisons the land
As they rebuild Babylon
in the image of corporate america

THe chimpanzee called the attack
The media muzzled
the free thinkers huddled in shadows
God cried as we turned our back
as the children died in Iraq

The mothers hung sad heads and cried

they turned our virgin boys and girls into professional murderers

Pay up your taxes for guns and more bombs
or we'll burn your house like we burned Vietnam
salute the poor ones who fall through the crack
the virgins who die in Iraq

the chimpanzee called the attack
send the virgins to die in Iraq
See Study notes on IRAQ

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