Protest Songs


Author: Troy
Theme: War
You send your children off to public schools
Where they can't even learn the golden rule
AmeriCommieNazi - AmeriCommieNazi

You raise baby killing corporate whores
Then fly em off to die in foreign wars
AmeriCommieNazi - AmeriCommieNazi

Just a cog in a big machine
Barely cognizant of anything
You sit addicted to your TV shows
Farting off 'til the whole world blows

Belly gettin fat
Wallet (assets) gettin' thin
The Federal Reserve gonna do you in
Wretched poor and blind
Consuming all the time
You don't have a clue and you won't take mine

You pay your taxes to the foreign banks
They loan it back at high interest rates
You dive deep into the devil's debt
But you don't even see a pattern yet

Social Security is your disease
You scratch the bite but you don't kill the fleas
You gave your kids the number of the beast
'cause You love money more than you love peace

(AmeriCommieNazi - AmericanObnoxie)

Fake election rigged
Debt is too big
Ya miss apocalypse
Busy lookin' at your d_ck
Even more a slave
Because you think you're free
Fool yourself but you don't fool me

Your church is run by the IRS
The KGB is lookin' up your dress
They're gonna come and seize your house and land
Maybe then you're gonna understand
In 1933 they stole your gold
White n_gga nation- you' been bought and sold
Your constitution is a mopping rag
Drug addict fascist drag
AmeriCommieNazi - AmeriCommieNazi

Hitler's laughing in his grave
You' a paper plastic slave
Nuke the earth for gold and oil
You kill the kids & split the spoil
Cheer in your seat for the losing team
You sold your soul for "security"

AmeriCommieNazi - AmeriCommieNazi
AmeriCommieNazi - AmeriCommieNazi
Seig heil!

* KGB means "Kommittee for Homeland Security" (Look it up! I'm not joking!)

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