The Story Never Ends

Lover Not a Fighter

Author: Genie
I'm a lover
Not a fighter
Need your love
To lift me higher
If you're a lover
Not a fighter
Come on and love me

Life's too short for fussin and fightin'
Let's get to unitin' not dividin'
Call a/the truce
Defuse your bombs
Love will right all wrongs

Jet in here and swing your arms around me
Let's burn the artillery
Stop the insanity
Let's sing harmony

Lovers are blowin' up all around us
We got the love from above to ground us
Love was lost but now love found us
You and me baby

Let's be the change we wanna see on the planet
Light the flame and live to fan it
Love's the game; c'mon let's slam it
Turn your other cheek to me


Estoy amante (amadoro)
no peleadoro (combatiente)
quiero tu amor mas que el oro
si eres amante
no peleadora
ven y me ama
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