The Story Never Ends


Author: Troy Joy Comedy Show
Sometimes there's a window
A light cuts through the dark
In life's defining moments
We see things as they are
You are the one that stood beside me
All the others walked away
You had no reason
No need to
But you stayed

Through the fire - and the winter
To the journey's unknown end
Though in love there was no romance
Though the tenderness was dead
Remember the daggers I put through you
Every word I drew to kill
No one could love me
But you loved me still

I can't believe it when I realize who you are
Trying to make sense of your devotion
This is something far beyond the motives of the mind
It's love in motion

And while I've been unfaithful
Every day you've kept the faith

And I know someday I'll learn to give you
All the love you've given me (that you deserve)

The road that goes between us
Is the road that knows no end

Stretching into eternal heavens

I'm coming home again
I'm so sorry that I

You are the light that drives me deeper
There's a light that shines inside you
From a star that never dies

FROM The Story Never Ends