Deep Songs

The Rock and the Water

Author: Genie
The Rock and The Water
Isa. 28:17 I... will sweep away your refuge, the lie, and water will overflow your hiding place.

VERSE 1: Stand at the Canyon - feel the crashing sound
the mighty River Carving out the ground
Water downs the proud mountain
Water gets its way
Reigns through the ages -
Cuts the rock away

VERSE2: See the grand castle (that) hides the child inside
Armored for battle - guarded by pride
Down in the dungeon
Praying for the tide of your Love
To flood in waves
To rust the lock,
and cut the rock away

Verse 3: Streams we're crying spring from the strong flow
The Living River Water that strips us to the soul
The LIE is dying, washed away with age, (while a)
New Life comes rising when Love cuts the rock
And (rolls) flows the stone away
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