Scripture Rock 4

Come Out Of Babylon

Author: Troy
Theme: Separation (Holiness)
And I heard another voice from heaven saying,

Come out of Babylon
(Come Out!)
Come out of her my people
(come out of her)
Don't be partakers of her sins
(come out of her)
that you receive not of her plagues
(come out of her)

Come out of Babylon
Out of her
Out of her
Come Out of her

Rev 18:4


Chords: |e- (D)| G |C |C|
|a-|a-| F| Dsus ... (/B)|
|C|B+b9/D# |b-+/d |C#7b5 |
Bsus| C/B |


(Y oรญ otra voz del cielo que decรญa)

Salgan De Babilonia
Salid De ella pueblo mio
No sean cรณmplices de sus pecados
y No recibirรกn (de) sus plagas

Salid de Babilonia
Salid de ella
Salid de ella
Salid de ella
Salgan de Babilonia

||: Apocalipsis Dieciocho Cuatro :||
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