Higher Than The Heavens

Higher than the Heavens

Author: Genie
Theme: Our Creator's Love
A setting of the scripture verse, Ephesians 3:18.

Higher than the heavens
Deeper than the sea
Wider than the ocean
Is your love for me

Older than the rivers
Flowing to the sea
Longer than forever
Is your love for me

Oh how deep
Oh how wide
Oh how long
Oh how high


Mรกs alto que los cielos
Mรกs hondo que_el mar
Mรกs ancho que_el ocรฉano
Es tu_amor para mi

Mรกs Viejo que los rรญยญos
Que fluyen hรกcia el mar
Mรกs alla de lo_eterno
Es tu_amor para mi ( es su amor para ti)

Cuรกn hondo es
Cuรกn ancho es
Cuรกn largo es
Cuรกn alto es
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