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Repent, Turn Back (Parody of Beatles Get Back)

Author: Troy & Genie's (Educational)
Johnny was a baptist
Lived out in the desert
Wore a coat of camels hair
Chompin' on the locusts
Lickin' wild honey
Yellin' to the people (soldiers) there

Turn back!
Turn Back!
Repent! from what you're doin' wrong
Turn back!
Turn Back!
Prepare the way of the Lord! (YHVH)

Yahshua (Jesus) was a prophet
everybody loved him
'cept those rich religious men
They killed him cause told 'em
Whores and tax-collectors
Would get into heaven before them
Juan el baptisto
Vivía el la foresta
vestido en piel de camela
Comia insectos y miel cruda
gritando al puebla alla

Repiente de tus pecados
Preparar la via para Jehova!
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