Beatles Scripture Songs Vol.2

Dance and Shout (Parody of Beatles' Twist and Shout)

Author: Parody
Theme: Praise
Come on and raise your hands people
Come on and dance and shout
Come on and leap for joy people
Come on and work it all out

You know that that Yah's so good
You know that he's he's so fine (he gives the Spirit fire, yeah)
Come on and raise your hands higher
And let Him see you're alive


You know you look so good
You know that He's so fine
You got the praise jam going
just like I knew you would

Alzar tus manos pueblo
haga danza y gritar
saltar de gozo pueblo
ejerce los demonios afuera

Jehovah es tanto bueno
Jehovรก es muy bien
alaba el ruidoso
incender el fuego


Segue to "Bailar La Alabanza" (parody of La Bamba)
FROM Beatles Scripture Songs Vol.2