Haiti Aid Live: Beatles Songs

Come Together (Parody of Beatles' Come Together)

Author: Troy & Genie's (Educational)
Lyrics from the Haiti Relief Concert:

CHANT: ||: EN AYTI! :||

Rape Haiti Frenchman wearin' metal thugboots
Stole your gold and silver; cut your trees and women
Dragged you Africans through mud and heat
Killed off Haiti's natives shoot his guns and disease

Sailed Queen's Columbus sucked your Eastern island
Breedin' Catholic rats with Spanish flags a flyin'
Makin' Haitians slave away afar
Scraped a line in your sand Spaniards called the D.R.
Come together
Right now
En Haiti

Flew in the U.N. spendin' funny money
Dig white greedy fingers down black needy tummies
Floatin' loans to bone and own Haiti
One thing I can tell you Haiti got to be FREE
Come together right now
En AYti


Ad-lib rap in FRENCH CREOLE

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FROM Haiti Aid Live: Beatles Songs

Joe Perry"I didn't think anybody could rock 'Come Together' harder than Aerosmith."