Beatles Scripture Songs Vol.2

Praise Your Name (Parody Of Beatles' Carry Yhat Weight)

Author: Troy & Genie's (Educational)
We gonna praise Your Name
praise Your Name
for all time

Thank you for sending your loving
Thank you for blessing my generations
And in the middle of the celebration
I praise You

Gracias para enviar tu amor
y bendecido mi generacioenes
Y adentro la celebracion
te alabarΓ©

Vamos a alaba tu nombre
alabarΓ‘ to nombre siempre!

Why Troy&Genie made this educational song "Praise Your Name (Parody Of Beatles' Car..." for YOU

I wasn't crazy about carrying weight a long time, but the vision of praising YAH forever, not holed up in some stuffy church, but sailing like an angel through the cast expanses of heaven and the universe... now that sounds fun!

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Study Notes

This song is really the 2nd part of the medley that begins with golden slumbers and ends with "The End."

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