Beatles Scripture Songs Vol.2

My Family's Goin' To Hell (Ticket To Ride)

Author: Parody
Theme: Apathy
VERSE 1: My family's making me sad
They sent me away
The people I love the most
Won't even pray

CHORUS: My family's going to hell
My family's going to hell
and they don't care

VERSE 2: They said that livin' with (listenin' to) me was bring them down
They could never be free when I was around


BRIDGE: Don't know why they're riding so high
They oughta think twice
they oughta turn back from sin
Before they go to sayin' goodbye
they oughta think twice, they oughta do right by Him


My family don't care.... (repeat)

Why Troy and Genie parodied The Classic "My Family's Goin' To Hell (Ticket To Rid..." for YOU

Doesn't it hurt to see your family going over the same old ground, trapped in old addictions, hatreds & sicknesses, after they saw you pulled up out the pool of muck & filth by your loving Savior... You want them to accept Him, but it's their choice.

FROM Beatles Scripture Songs Vol.2