Beatles. Saved.

Across The Universe (Nothing's Gonna Change Your Word)

Author: Genie
Words are flowing out like endless raining
From your loving tongue
Creating all we see and feel
Across the universe
Melodies of Spirit like the wind
That rushes through the trees
And breathes and draws me on and on
Across the universe

||||: Nothing's gonna change Your Word :||||

Images of heavens light
Sing ringing from your Father-mind
Inciting and inviting me

Limitless undying love
You shine around us like a million suns
You call us on and on
Across the universe

||: Tu palabra nunca fallarΓ‘ :||
||: Nunca va a cambiar tu palabra :|| tu palabra nunca cambiara

Why Genie wrote this touching song "Across The Universe (Nothing's Gonna Cha..." for YOU

John Lennon wrote "Nothing's gonna change my world..." But 5 bullets from the gun of a "Christian missionary" changed John's world forever. Yet there is something that cannot change: YAH's WORD: it flows across the Universe to make us, and redeem us.

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Study Notes

Inspired by the transcendent version by the enormously talented Rufus Wainwright.
Rufus' world also changed when he was raped in Central Park.

alternate parody lyrics:
which dance before me
like a million eyes

pools of sorrow
waves of joy are drifting through my open mind
possessing and caressing me

We stumble blindly
as they make our way
across the universe

Sounds of laughter shades of earth

FROM Beatles. Saved.