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Walk HIS Way (Parody Of Aerosmith, Walk This Way)

Author: Parody
Theme: Praise
Preacher smothered me
with church boy blubber
til I talked to a man who prayed
He said you ain't seen nothin'
'til ya get JAH's lovin'
then you're sure to be changin' your ways

He was a cheerleader (real leader, praise leader)
A disciple breeder
Ah the times I could reminisce
Sisters and Brothers, dancing and lovin'
and it started with a little twist
like this
(dance/ riff)

VERSE 2: See-saw swingin' in the Sunday School
Kids feet flyin' up in the air
Singin' Aleluia
Let the Spirit move ya
'til you swing like you didn't care

So we took a big chance
Filled the church with dance
But the preacher wasn't ready to (but church lady wouldn't) play
But to me he/she was foolin'
He/she knew what we was doin'
(The Spirit was here to stay) / YAH told me how to walk this way (The Spirit told me what to say)
He told me to

||||: Walk HIS Way [praise this way]
Talk HIS Way :||||

(Just do it like this!) (Gimme a holy kiss!)
Guitar solo break
||||: Give Him some! (optional) :||||

[guitar riff]

Preacher screechin' at the praise cheerleader
With her skirt climbin' way up her knees
Just like (Like king) David dancin' in his panties
With his church wife lookin' displeased

I Was a rock-n-roller,
Never thought of bein' holy
'Til the Word/Spirit told me something I missed (called me out onstage)

Crank yo' amplifier
Raise the praises higher
Let the Spirit give you a kiss (show the whole world how to praise / pray)
Like this

[guitar riff]

Verse 2 repeats

||||: Walk HIS Way
Talk HIS Way :||||

Guitar solo over verse

Guitar solo over riff

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