Beatles Scripture Songs Vol.2

Beatles Scripture Song Medley

Author: Parody

I Wanna Raise My Hands (G)

Can't Buy New Life (C)

He Can Work It Out (D)

Help! (A)

He's The Way (Let It Be) (C)

A Hard Long Fight (G)

Repent, Turn Back (A)

Get Up and Praise Yahweh (Birthday) (A)

Dance and Shout (D)

Scripture Rock Music (A)

I Should've Come Sooner (G)

The World Is Fixin' To Burn (Ticket to Ride) (A)

Hey Jah (F)

All You Need Is Yah (G)

They're Gonna Crucify Me (E)

Rising In The Sky With Jesus (Lucy) (G?)

Obey, H-ll No (C)

Nothing's Gonna Change Your Word (A)

Yahshua (Yesterday) (F)

The Straight and Narrow Road (E)

We All Live In The Kingdom Of Yah (G? C?)

Back In The Kingdom Of Yah (God) (A)

Because (c#- or c-)

And You Love us (E)

Imagine (C)

Saved My Soul From Hell (E)

Come Together (d-)

Oh Father! (Oh Darling) (A)

Shout (A)

I Feel Fine (G)

From me to you (C)

That'll Be The Day (A? C?)

Getting Free-er (C)

Father Yahweh's Holy Heart's Club Band (G)

We're Gonna Praise Your Name (Carry That Weight) (C)

The End
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