Sting and The Police's Gospel Album

Message in A Bottle (Police Parody)

Author: Genie
Just a castaway
an island lost at sea -oh
another lonely day
with no one here but me -oh

More loneliness
than any man can bear
rescue me before I fall in to despair -oh

||: I'll send an S.O.S. to Yahweh :|| (Send your S.O.S. to YAHWEH)
||: I hope that Yahweh gets my :|| (I know that Yah will get your)
||: Message in a bottle :||

Look for psalms that say:
The kings and people gather to take my life
They'll all rejoice when they see me dead

A year has passed since I wrote my note
I should have known it right from the start
Only Yah can keep us together
Love can mend your life
but love can break your heart (and give you a new start)


Woke up (walked out) this morning
can't believe what I saw
100 million bottles
washed up on the shore

Seems I'm not alone in being alone
A hundred million castaways (7000 in Israel)
looking for a home (Who haven't bowed to Baal)


||: Sending out an S.O.S. :||
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FROM Sting and The Police's Gospel Album