Holy Hits!

Modesty (Parody Of Billy Joel's Honesty)

Author: Parody
Theme: Modesty
If you want carnality
The market's stocked with pride
They're hockin' all the skin you'd wanna' buy
But if you look for modesty
You might as well be blind
Naughty flesh is all that meets your eye

Is what our/this world needs
Everybody's so seduced
It's all we never see
And mostly what I need from you

Fools can always find some tramp
To make 'em fantasize
But you add up to more than body parts
Takers crave some made-up face
To sell 'em faked-up lies
All I want is pure love from your heart


Looks lure lovers
Fair-weather friends
To live on youth's arrogance
Until it leaves you dead
But the beauty I see
Is your humility
Your charm is true integrity


A A/G | A/F E7sus

A D | E c#-
D f#- | B D7 E
A B | E G#7/C c#-
D G#7 | C#7

D E | C#7 f#- | D E | A C#7
D E | Db/F f#- | D E | Asus A

(repeat Intro chords)
f#- | Db/F | c#-/e | B/D#
D B | E Db/f f#- | D/F# G#7 | C#7Sus


Note, this is a shortened arrangement of Billy Joel's song, 'Honesty'. It omits about 50 seconds, including the 3rd verse, to make a more concise presentation.

Why Troy and Genie parodied The Classic "Modesty (Parody Of Billy Joel's Honesty)" for YOU

Genie used to dress nice, but a little sexy; that's the X'ian music biz. But we moved out with the Amish, and developed an appreciation for modesty. Then in the Afro-Latino world, in Miami, Puerto-Rico & Haiti, we begged the women to put some clothes!

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Study Notes

/ I'd die for purity/ cocky draws

/ That's the truth you can depend upon

If you search for nudity / arrogance / ego /

[Everyone's stripped down to nude] crude, lewd, loose, seduce

/ used to nude / so confused / stripped to nude

every girl's dressed to seduce / prostitute /abuse

bawdy, raunchy draws the eye

jewelry, bling, trinkets,

It isn't on your screen or on the street it isn't on the screen to trap / draw your eye
It isn't how the devil draws your eye

Everybody's so risquรฉ we need today

But life is more than just your body parts just a piece of meat ;

ribald, rude, bawdy, racy, earthy, indecent, suggestive, improper, naughty, locker-room; vulgar, dirty, smutty, crude, coarse, obscene, lewd, X-rated; informal blue, raunchy; off-color

handsome man: good-looking, attractive, striking, gorgeous; informal hunky, drop-dead gorgeous, hot, cute
striking, imposing, stately, dignified, statuesque, good-looking, attractive, personable.

beauty attractiveness, prettiness, good looks, allure; loveliness, charm, appeal, eye-appeal, heavenliness; grace, elegance, exquisiteness; splendor, magnificence, grandeur, impressiveness, decorativeness; gorgeousness, glamour;
2 she is a beauty: beautiful woman, belle, vision, Venus, goddess, beauty queen, picture; informal babe, hottie, looker, good looker, beaut, siren, doll, arm candy, lovely, stunner, knockout, bombshell, dish, peach, eyeful, fox.
, attraction, strength, benefit, boon, blessing, good thing, strong point, virtue, merit, selling point.

pull, draw; magnetism
attraction appeal, attractiveness, desirability, seductiveness, seduction, allure, animal magnetism; charisma, charm, beauty, good looks, eye-appeal.

decorous, decent, demure. ANTONYMS flamboyant.
self-effacing, self-deprecating, HUMBLE, unpretentious, unassuming, unostentatious, unshowy, unflashy; reserved
small, ordinary, simple, plain, humble, inexpensive, unpretentious.
ANTONYMS conceited, boastful. grandiose, grand. CONCEITED, PRIDE, self-importance, EGO; pompousness, pomposity, immodesty; big-headedness; vain

the body, human nature, physicality, carnality, animality; sensuality, sexuality. meat

Girls/guys will hang their flesh for all to see

but god's the one that I depend upon
But i wanna live eternally

I can find addiction / You can find a lover
To fire up my bed / A fair-weather friend
I can let sin sizzle until it leaves me dead
I don't want some sleazy
To pawn their flesh to me
All I want is your integrity / humility

FROM Holy Hits!

TimModesty is my new favorite father-daughter love song.
PaulaI'm pretty impressed by this lyric. It's unique that it can be sung by anyone to anyone.
LoreeIt's a song that encourages not the sparkle of sex and treasure, but the spiritual ideal of beauty: a humble clean heart that seeks to help others.
HalSpecial song. I see where you got the idea from (the Bible), but I can see anyone singing Modesty anywhere.
SandraI'm a music teacher. I could use this song in many situations, even weddings, maybe graduations, family-oriented social events. Thanks!
StevenI played this song for my daughter who's going off to college. We both cried. We still don't believe in God apparently we believe in purity, I guess.
Christian Music WeeklyThe song's spiritual underpinnings are immovable yet invisible.
AlGreat song for a caring elder to spin for a beloved youngster. I played it for my neice.
LarryModesty blows โ€˜Butterfly Kissesโ€™ to shreds!
BritneyThank you for donating your music to the world. This one takes the cake! I'm praying for you guys.
JoeyYour modesty is the now my ultimate official Christian concert hand-waver song! Put your cel-phones in the air!
HollyThanks soooooo much for giving away this free drum track to the Modesty song. I wanted to sing it at girl's church camp but it was too low. The piano player followed along with your cords and put in D and I could sing it. I'm an alto. Do you want me to se...
Bill & GailWE'RE SINGING Modesty this weekend for special music in church. Thank you for the tracks. It's a lifesaver. The chords are too advanced for our little praise band.