Haiti Aid Live: Beatles Songs

Give Peace A Chance / Bombin' Nation Medley

Author: Genie

Everybody's talkin' about revelation(You say you want a revolution)
Everybody's fightin' 'bout evolution(To change the constitution)
Everybody's talkin' 'bout politicians(You say you got a real solution)
Everybody's sellin' out their religions

All we are saying_______
Is give peace a chance___

They shot John (Lennon) and they shot Ghandi(Talkin' bout devastation)
They shot King and they shot Kennedy(To stop the conversation)
They crucified The Prince of Peace(Talkin' bout a bombin' nation)
to stop them talkin' 'bout loving your enemies

So we are saying_______
Give peace a chance___

"Christian" boys man battle stations(Killin' off populations)
To feed the greed of brain dead nations(Slayin' for the corporation)
War inflation creates depression(Taxin' my contribution)
Making great your tribulation

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