Haiti Aid Live: Beatles Songs

Give Peace A Chance / Bombin' Nation Medley

Author: Genie

Everybody's talkin' about revelation(You say you want a revolution)
Everybody's fightin' 'bout evolution(To change the constitution)
Everybody's talkin' 'bout politicians(You say you got a real solution)
Everybody's sellin' out their religions

All we are saying_______
Is give peace a chance___

They shot John (Lennon) and they shot Ghandi(Talkin' bout devastation)
They shot King and they shot Kennedy(To stop the conversation)
They crucified The Prince of Peace(Talkin' bout a bombin' nation)
to stop them talkin' 'bout loving your enemies

So we are saying_______
Give peace a chance___

"Christian" boys man battle stations(Killin' off populations)
To feed the greed of brain dead nations(Slayin' for the corporation)
War inflation creates depression(Taxin' my contribution)
Making great your tribulation

Why Genie wrote this touching song "Give Peace A Chance / Bombin' Nation Med..." for YOU

I always loved the iconic glory of Give Peace A Chance. But John's lyrics to the verses were thrown together at the 'bed-in.' We wanted to connect the dots of the assassinations of famous peacemakers, up to the ultimate peacemaker: the Prince Of Peace.

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Study Notes

Ad-lib rap in FRENCH CREOLE:

Another Parody idea:
Sell your possessions______
and give to the poor_______

to conflagrate accelerate the tribulation
/talkin bout contradiction

Revelation, Great Tribulation
Everybody terrified in the nations

Everybody's talkin' 'bout high inflation (You say you want legislation)
Great depression great tribulation everybody's talkin' the great depression (You askin' for a contribution)
Regulatin' the institution everybody's talkin' 'bout regulation (Faith in the institution) (regulate the tribulation) (terror in the nation)
everybody's brains are in hibernation / Destruction
everybody terrified in the nations
You say you want legislation
(sayin it's the institution)

Everybody's brains in hibernation
Scared about terror in the nation
Sending out church boys to war stations christian boys man battle stations
Shooting reducin' population (reducin' the planet's population) killin' off world population
Everybody's talkin' 'bout high inflation (You say you want legislation)

desolation, tribulation, fornication, adulteration, confrontation, sanctification

but when you talk about destruction
You tell me it's the institution, well you know You better free your mind instead

ministers, sinisters, preachers, rabbis popeyes, byebye bye
flatulation, masturbation, adulation?, hibernation?, congratulation?, flagellation?
hare kr|shna
but peace is what we're singin' 'bout

Come together all together
we can get it tomorrow or today, we can get it now

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