Worship Rock 1

Hey God, Let's Talk

Author: Troy & Genie's (Educational)
CHORUS: Hey God, Let's talk
I need a little bit of your time
Hey God Let's Talk
I've got so many things on my mind

I'm wandering through this world
The right road's so hard to see
Sometimes feel lost and alone
So walk this path with me


So much I don't understand
Sometimes feel tossed at sea
You speak the waters are still
And my soul floods with peace

Bridge: So many problems-
friends in trouble-
How can I love 'em?
Every day it's something new
I need you to talk me through

CHANNEL: Every day it's something new
So I ask what will you do
What can I do?
So I'm talking to you
What will you do?
What should I do? What would you do?
So I need you to get me through

By parents bug me
But I still love them

You said "Seek and I fill find"
Ask and I will get it
So I'm knocking at your door
Cause I need something more
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