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Dieu est pour nous (Psalm 46:1)

Author: T&G (Educational)
Theme: Yah's Protection
Dieu est pour nous
un refuge et un appui,
Un secours qui ne manque
jamais dans la dรฉtresse

God is our refuge and our strength
A very present help in trouble

SPANISH: DIOS es nuestro amparo y fortaleza,
(Nuestro pronto auxilio en las tribulaciones)

Why Troy&Genie made this educational song "Dieu est pour nous (Psalm 46:1)" for YOU

I was teaching some young talented musical Haitians how to record music. They said their favorite verse was "God is our refuge and strength, and ever present help in trouble. So I invented this rap on the fly, and they taught me how to say it in French!

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Psalmo 46:1

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